L. Meier about Open Hardware phenomenon:
"It's base technology like science, it just basis for many things "
A bit rough and chaotic, but very interesting presentation and opinions from a well-known developers of OpenHW UAV/UAS solutions.

First haltime dedicated to perspectives of 3D printing technology for OpenHW UAV production,
second contains several issues of the general development OpenHardware technology (much more interesting)

Note about Lorenz Meier person from http://www.inf.ethz.ch/personal/lomeier/

He is PhD student working on mobile localization 3D reconstruction on smartphones and micro air vehicles. He started her current project, PIXHAWK, in 2009 as a master student. It is about autonomously flying small helicopters. He participated in the sFly EU research project 2011-2012 and currently also working on realtime 3D reconstruction on mobile phones. He contribute her spare time to the PX4 autopilot platform.

He's maintain and contribute to a number of open source projects.

  • QGroundControl - an user interface (GUI) to small unmanned aerial vehicles. Main developer / maintainer
  • MAVLink - communication library for small-to-large robotic vehicles. Main developer / maintainer
  • MAVCONN - Linux/Unix/Posix middleware for micro air vehicles, uses MAVLink as message format. Core developer / maintainer
  • PX4 Autopilot - High-perfomance, open hardware/software, low cost, POSIX inspired autopilot (PX4FMU) for micro air vehicles. Core developer / maintainer

Source of video ZURICH.MINDS YT channel www.youtube.com/user/zurichminds posted Dec 28, 2012

The diagram in the beginning represent Hype_cycle of Technologies.

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