Indoor Flying Robot (Quadrotor) update


Thought I would share the progress on our quadrotor, we have done the PID tuning but have noticed in the test rig that it tends to 'rock' to the same side in both pitching and rolling from a straight and level position. We think we can put this down to the way the quad sits in the test rig. Next we look at doing a flight test once we receive our new engine mounts.

For those interested ther engine mounts and baseplate were constructed using a rapid prototyper and are made out of ABS plastic which is quite strong.


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  • We aren't locking the mounts on yet as we want the flexibility to shift them in and out.

    RP the components was possible due to manipulating the university's resources to our advantage ;)

    I would have to agree with the prop tips, wouldn't a more vivid colour do a better job?
  • Great setup. I did the same but only a small hand slice! Copters are very dangerous, escpecially in the early days of trying your own code mods. I learnt the lesson of "props always off" until proven but you 10kg weight is another alternative :)
  • You know I found when you paint the tips of the props black you tend to lose where the tip (end) of the prop is when spinning. Just something to think about as it gives you the visual perception the prop is smaller in diameter then it actually is giving you a false sense of security that you are far enough away. That’s just me. You may have different results.

    RP on the legs and motor mounts! That’s expensive! Our machine when it works ;) cost a boat load to run....
    Great simple design! Nice work! Hope your buddy is alright! Are you using a grub or set screw to lock them on the booms?
  • Ha, Not quite those weights are there for a good reason as we had the thing lift off the table in the test rig when one of the team members was messing around with the serial commands and ended up slicing his hand quite badly.
  • T3
    Thought I was going to see it lift that 10KG weight! ; )
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