Initial Parameter Settings


For my maiden flight, takeoff and initial tests will be in the FBWA mode.  Followed by switching between FBWA and Manual to get the trim correct. 

Initial Parameter Settings:

Some basic gain/dampening factors for the first flight, except for power monitoring, compass/AHRS zero's and calibration the remaining parameters are left at the default value. 

  • RLL2SRV_P 0.80
  • RLL2SRV_I 0.00
  • RLL2SRV_D 0.02

  • PTCH2SRV_P 0.60
  • PTCH2SRV_I 0.00
  • PTCH2SRV_D 0.02


I'll update these, and post some plots of the roll/pitch control loops and power usage once

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  • Kieran - an unfortunate delay postponed my maiden flight, as a result the LIDAR-lite V3 I ordered has arrived and is installed.  I do hope to complete the maiden flight this week and work out the initial tuning.  Ultimately a successful auto takeoff/landing mission.

  • Marc- I am just about to get my first plane flying and look forward to following your results as I tune my plane.

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