For my maiden flight, takeoff and initial tests will be in the FBWA mode.  Followed by switching between FBWA and Manual to get the trim correct. 

Initial Parameter Settings:

Some basic gain/dampening factors for the first flight, except for power monitoring, compass/AHRS zero's and calibration the remaining parameters are left at the default value. 

  • RLL2SRV_P 0.80
  • RLL2SRV_I 0.00
  • RLL2SRV_D 0.02

  • PTCH2SRV_P 0.60
  • PTCH2SRV_I 0.00
  • PTCH2SRV_D 0.02


I'll update these, and post some plots of the roll/pitch control loops and power usage once

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Comment by Kieran on January 24, 2017 at 1:46pm

Marc- I am just about to get my first plane flying and look forward to following your results as I tune my plane.

Comment by Marc Halcomb on January 28, 2017 at 11:28pm

Kieran - an unfortunate delay postponed my maiden flight, as a result the LIDAR-lite V3 I ordered has arrived and is installed.  I do hope to complete the maiden flight this week and work out the initial tuning.  Ultimately a successful auto takeoff/landing mission.


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