The advanced Jupiter JM-1 multicopter autopilot is now compatible with MAVLink protocol further its capability for SUAS research and development.

Taoyuan, Taiwan (R.O.C) – March, 2016

InnoFlight (INF), the leading manufacturer of flight control systems, UAV and stabilised camera gimbals in Taiwan today announced the release of MAVLink compatible Jupiter JM-1 multicopter autopilot. The company has over ten years’ experience in design and development of flight stabilised system for VTOL type aircrafts as well as over thirty years combined experienced in UAV operations.

“We would like to announce the release of the MAVLink compatible Jupiter JM-1 autopilot. We believe that this capability will open up new academic research applications and development opportunities – particularly when you compare the feature-packed JM-1 pricing to other comparable products on the market.”

INF has been producing gyros, IMU and flight stabilisation modules as an OEM since 2006. The company revealed that it has been working on furthering the JM-1 autopilot capabilities since January of this year which includes external sensor integration and advanced redundant system.

Ryan Vu, business development director of INF had this to say, “We are excited with the release of the Jupiter JM-1 autopilot and look forward to introducing our range of products worldwide. I believe our current product range which includes the Stellar X8, the 3-axis stabilised MA-1 gimbal and the JM-1 autopilot will fit very well in the professional aerial photography and UAV market.”

INF also hinted that there will be a release of an exciting new product at NAB in Las Vegas in April this year.

To learn more about INF and its products, contact Ryan Vu (English language) by email, ryan.vu@inf-drone.com or Jenny Wang (Chinese language), jenny.wang@inf-drone.com. INF website at www.inf-drone.com

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  • Hi Guy,

    Yes this is completely new proprietary hardware and firmware. We just make the protocol to be compatible with MAVlink so people can use GCS software like APM etc...


    Price is $800US MSRP


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