Inside My Brookstone 2.0 Rover (APM Project)

Bottom of Rover


  1. Left Rear Motor
  2. Left Rear Motor Power Extension
  3. Right Rear Motor Power Extension
  4. Audio Speaker for receiver to rover voice projection
  5. Power/Wifi Indicator Light
  6. Camera Extension/live audio plugin
  7. N/A something to do with the Camera or Audio In (Can't figure out)
  8. Camera Motor Extension
  9. 4 Headlights Connected to 2 Power Extensions (2 On Each)
  10. On/Off light located next to power switch Extension
  11. Right Motor Power Extension
  12. Wifi Hotspot Extension and Power Extension
  13. Wifi Hotspot Reset Button Extension
  14. Wifi Hotspot Reset Button Board 
  15. On/Off Indicator Light
  16. Power Board
  17. Positive Power Extension soldered onto board
  18. Negative Power Extension soldered onto board


Top of Rover


  1. Camera Up/Down Tilt Motor and Power Extension
  2. Camera/Nightvision to Board Video Extension
  3. Wifi Hotspot Antenna Female Extension
  4. Wifi Hotspot Hardware Board
  5. Speaker and Audio Out Power Extension
  6. N/A something to do with the Camera or Audio In (Can't figure out)


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