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3689710039?profile=originalThis project uses RaspberryPi and the Pi camera in a cloud robotics architecture (most processing is done on a laptop over WiFi) and is based on the ForumulaPi code and OpenCV. It costs less than $100 and can perform the full Udacity Self Driving Car challenge (thanks to offboarding most processing to the laptop). Full instructions are here

It's the entry-level design for our DIY Robcars hack/race series, which is a monthly series in Oakland. Next event is Feb 11 for a build day, and then the full race on Feb 18. 

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  • If you want to try TensorFlow and cloud computing, then I suggest you buy an cheap Google Nexus smartphone with a bad ESN, but with the wifi and bluetooth still working. API for both are easily accessible via the Android SDK.  Also, you don’t have to call a car or a rover, you could just call it an autonomous vehicle like this one. Also here.

  • It's about time a laptop remotely controlling a vehicle was finally called cloud computing. 

  • 3D Robotics

    I changed the post title as you suggested, but I think the definition of car in English is not as clear as that. For example, they're called "RC cars" not "RC rovers"

  • Yes - Rover is better. A "car" is something that transports people. Cool event / direction, just want to avoid confusion! Yes, CNN's have become incredibly impressive.

  • 3D Robotics

    Would "self-driving" be better?  Or are you thinking that it's more of a "rover" than a "car"? BTW, it can run the full TensorFlow/CNN stack as taught in Udacity's Self Driving Nanodegree course (because the software is running on the laptop, not the car/rover..

  • This is cool but.. it's a bit misleading to call this an "autonomous car"? Nein?

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