You don't need to be a rocket scientist (I know I know several people here really are) to realise that UAS are beginning to take off (pun 1)

We are honored at sUAS News to have Brett Whalin contributing, recent UND graduate.  Brett is a commercial, multi-engine pilot with over 212 hours in manned planes, 70 hours on the ScanEagle/I-MUSE SIL, over 120 hours on the ScanEagle standalone simulator, 5 hours on the UAS DraganFlyer X6 manual controls, .2 hours on TigerShark manual controls, and .5 hours in the Predator SDS simulator.

Brett is looking after the education and training remit at sUAS News and has just added a paper which we hope will be joined by others from those of you that wish to submit any! All for the greater good you know.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ Remote Sensing Technology Used Against B...

If you have any papers you would like to be considered for inclusion on sUAS News then please let Brett know 

brett (at)

There is also some interesting news about Patrick Egan, but I am not allowed to tell you!

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