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  • Dear Duran,

    Our French culture can be very different than the South African, but we did not know that the expression you use to conclude your e-mail could be considered to be polite.

    This is probably a local usage that we do not know ;-)

    Kind regards,

  • lol, ok. I emailed you nice and politely and your cryptic reply (like the ones to some of our clients). I'm not worried, or mad, or angry or have an ego, I simply stated facts, readers can decide for themselves, and I'm sure many of them will agree it's a very very close copy, its not simply a generic foldable system, or a random 'similarity. 

    You don't advertise pricing, you did not even want to give the pricing to one of my friends who inquired about it really interested in the pricing, you seem to have a very strange concept of business, but good luck.

  • Dear Duran,

    We sincerely thought you were someone with ethics, it seems that this is not the case.

    By starting your message with a defamatory lie you fall down in our esteem.

    You claim that we pretend to have never heard about your quad before and that we

     deny the similarity between them. Then you know very well that this is wrong ! 

    we never said that.

    We exactly said : « We can not deny that there is a resemblance between the quads, 

    but be assured that it is by no means a copy and that we NEVER tried to copy yours. »

    Do you feel the difference ? Who is the liar ? Distort the truth will not bring you the 

    sympathy of readers.

    We were studying the possibility of introducing some changes to make a gesture

     in your direction, and allow you to understand that we are really in good faith.

    But we are no longer sure we want to do…Why make an effort in the direction of 

    someone who threatens and despises us in each of its messages.

    You emphasize the similarity of some technical points of our respective quad in binary manner.

     Based on this principle, we can find commonalities with more than half folding quads currently 

    available on the market.

    Do you really believe you have revolutionized the folding quad ? 

    Can we consider that you claim the worldwide exclusivity on : Plexi protection, combination 

    of carbon fiber and red color, Standoff use, motor mount with carbon plate use, o rings use, 

    folding mechanism use, tiger motor use, front cut out, APC props use, and probably more… ?

    By reading you, you seem to have an incredible ego !

    But deep inside you, the only thing that bothers you is that someone steps on your toes.

    You wish to be able to continue selling your product at its expensive price.

    The price is much more difficult to justify when the user can really compare two similar products. 

    And it is precisely this that worries you ! At this game we keep a serious advantage.

    If you use this fair to allows people to buy the 2014 version of your qu4d more cheaper, 

    we will have contributed to a good deed.

    Try to keep in mind that we are not your enemies, and we never have desire to harm you.

    Try to make an effort to be courteous and friendly, you will see that it works much better.

    Be assured that if you want it goes wrong (this is not what we want), the magicians have 

    more than one trick in their hat. We are really cool guys, and we hope that it stops there ;-)

    We leaving the door open, if you wish to discuss…, you got our mail.

    Kind regards,

  • I've been chatting to Aedrox about their 'similar' design to our Steadidrone QU4D, they claim they had no idea about our quad before making their design, and that's it's really not that similar, well lets see:

    Folding mechanism is identical
    color scheme is identical
    clear plexiglass top dome with 3 mounting standoffs, near identical
    motor mounts with carbon plates, pretty much identical
    rear folding clip that grips the arms when folded, identical
    Cut out in front for GoPro with mount, identical
    folding holes for normal/wide more, identical
    motors used, identical
    even the bloody shots they use (top view and bottom shot) is identical to our promo vid lol

    This is simply a case of copying someone else's hard work and design, changing it a little and calling it your own, blatant copy and ripp-off, don't care what they say. Anywoo, 2014 will see a brand new SteadiDrone QU4D with some really cool new features, great pricing and more.

  • Let Me know when you are ready to sell.

    I've been thinking of getting a Tarot 650 to try some long endurance large prop set ups on, but would seriously consider your frame instead.

  • Thank you for the compliment Gary.

    We plan to sell only kits, at the moment.

    Best regards,

  • Always liked the SteadiDrone design, particularly their motor clamp antivibration scheme.

    The ability to handle larger props and slower low KV pancake motors is also a real plus as you can get much better efficiency and fly longer.

    Great design, I look forward to seeing your pricing and how you are packaging it.

    Are you planning on selling as frame kits or as RTF or ARF only?

    Best Regards,


  • All infos very soon ! 

    Kind regards,

  • There you go! With a gimbal this will be awesome! Any hint on pricing and availability yet?

    I looked again, did not see the Jello this time. There was some other image blur in the high altitude scene which I first saw as Jello, but is something else. Probably Vimeo compression. Sorry about that.

  • Thank you for your comment Magnus,  

    We are currently completing two different types of brushless gimbal. We are finishing details on the second one. This frame has been engineered to be upgraded very easily with small kits. We will update when ready.

    The final aim is to allow users to configure the frame according to their needs and budget. We are very focused on prices, our priority is to get the highest quality for the best price, without forgetting design. 

    I can assure you that there is no jello effect, what gives you this impression is probably the shadow of the propeller on the GoPro lens. This video is made with raw footage, without stabilisation (gimbal or software), and half have been recorded in normal arm mode. 

    Best regards,

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