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  • Slap a brushless gimbal on there, like the Disco Pro, and I'd be very interested in buying one!. Looks very nice, but in the demo video it is clear that it is inferior to brushless gimbal frames. I'm very sorry to rain on your parade. :)

    You are flying in what seems to be wind free conditions, but still the video shows small indications of jelloing, and the image of course tilts as you make course corrections etc. For just another $50-100 you should be able to supply it with an integrated brusless controller etc. Or did you consider this and opt not to go that path?

    Other than that, very good looking.

    Kind Regards

    Magnus, Sweden

  • If some ideas intersect, is they should probably be good.

    Thank you for support.

  • 100KM

    Very nice!

    But sorry to say, I have to support Hasufel on this one. The colors of the motor mounts, the folding locking mechanism, the plexi top cover and recessed GoPro mount is very close to the QU4D.

    Imitation is the best form of flattery I suppose?

  • You are right, but be sure it wasn't the goal ! We made the same observation, the day we replace the carbon fiber top plate by plexiglass. But unfortunately, it was hard to do differently. Differences are made on details... ;-)

  • Looks a lot like the SteadiDrone qu4d...

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