Introducing the AeroDrone MR4



Today we are pleased to announce the AeroDrone MR4 Quadrotor Platform!

The AeroDrone MR4 is a rigid, lightweight and aerodynamically efficient quadrotor design that not only looks great, but has the performance to match. This platform is the evolutionary result of rigorous engineering design, development, and testing conducted in-house at our facility in Melbourne, Australia. Utilizing the amazing APM Autopilot, the MR4 frame has been extensively field tested in order to assure high-end performance when used in any flight mode. The core of the MR4 is covered by the hard ABS Case which has been designed not only to protect the on-board electronics but to make it look great as well. The MR4 platform comprises of strategically placed inbuilt sensor bays, has been designed with high ground clearance (14.5cm) to accommodate a payload of up to 500 grams, and is capable of flying for over 15 minutes. The frame is built entirely out of recyclable materials (like polycarbonate and aluminium), ensuring that the environmental impact of the MR4 is kept to a minimum over the lifetime of the product.


We are selling three different kit versions;

  • Frame Kit
  • Frame Kit + Propulsion Pack
  • Full Kit

as well as an RTF package.

Take a look around our newly designed website to find out more about the MR4. We would love to hear your thoughts on the product and look forward to helping you get flying with this amazing system.

If you have any questions or comments you can post them below or send us an email at support@baskindustries.com and we'll do our best to help.


We would also like to thank all those who contribute to the wonderful ArduPilot project. Your amazing skills coupled with 3DRs fantastic hardware has produced what we think is the worlds best autopilot for its price. The MR4 has been built around it. Keep up the great work, you're an inspiration to all of us.

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  • Whilst I do not wish to be too hard on the product, we did purchase an MR4 as a trainer and whilst it eventually flew fine with 12"x4.5 APC props rather than the provided 15" carbon props, the airframe was found to be far too fragile and flexes far beyond what is considered reasonable as a camera platform. Without any form of vibration isolation, the aircraft generates undesirable vibration. Also, the polycarbonate legs in the tall guise necessary to carry a camera gimbal, flex too much when landing so that if any sideways movement is experienced on a heavy landing or under pressure in a cross wind, they will generate sufficient recoil to flip the aircraft over potentially breaking props. The polycarbonate landing gear does end up cracking after a number of landings as ours experienced this on one leg that was bent as shown in the above photographs. Another issue experienced is that the 3D printed engine & boom mounts will self destruct in any form of a crash and the nylon screws holding the boom mounts to the fuselage sheer off at the polycarbonate fuselage and then need to be extracted using a heated screw driver... not much fun. Generally, I do not believe that the airframe is solid enough in any way or form and alternatives should be considered first....

  • Distributor

    @Rory - The current landing gear DOES accommodate a camera mount. There is 14.5cm (5.7in) of clearance underneath the MR4. We mainly use a GoPro and that fits perfectly.

    @Jani - Yes, the Polycarbonate is extremely strong and the perfect material for landing gear. Thanks for the kind words. We realise the MR4 is more expensive but its actually more like ~$100-150 once you consider the extras that come with our kits and the overall design.

  • Developer

    We have been using PolyCarbonate on original ArduCopter frames over 2 years now and they are strong. Nice looking frame you have in here but not sure about it's price. It might be a bit difficult to enter on market when price tag is around 300 USD more compared to others on market that are using same parts what your kit does. 

    Just my few cents..

  • T3

    You may want and option with longer legs to accommodate a camera mount and also helps reduce prop strikes when landing on windy days.

  • Distributor

    Hi Guy,

    I'm glad you like it! We think it looks pretty awesome as well, but then again we're a bit biased. :)

    To answer your first question regarding the landing gear, I've taken a photo (below) that shows one of the landing gear on our current test vehicle.


    Hopefully you can see the bend on one side. This happened after an impact from a height of around 3 meters and the landing gear actually absorbed most of the force/shock. We spent a considerable amount of time designing and testing the landing gear to make sure they do that exact job. So far we haven't had any cracking/shattering at all. We are still flying with the landing gear in the photo above and the bend hasn't caused any issues.

    To answer the second question regarding a camera mount, we haven't tested the MR4 with any mounts other than simply hard mounting a GoPro with one of their adhesive clips. Other camera mounts should fit as long as they bolt straight up underneath (or if you're willing to make an attachment). We are working on a system but I can't say anymore about that until it's released.

    I hope this info helps? If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask them.

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