Introducing the AUAV X2.1 Flight Controller


The AUAV X2.1 is all about lessons learned. The X2 was a very successful board but there was still room for improvement. Following the PixRacer project we had time to invest into making the X2 the high quality PixHawk replacement we intended it to be. Major changes include: updated IMU sensors, power supply has been redesigned, headers have been laid out more logically, remote USB connector, industry standard 30.5mm mounting points.

Questions and comments are welcome!

Phil and Nick

Available: October 1, 2016

Price: $130


Main: STM32F427VIT6 ARM microcontroller - Revision 3
IO: STM32F100C8T6 ARM microcontroller

Next Generation Sensors:

Invensense MPU9250 9DOF
Invensense ICM-20608 6DOF
MEAS MS5611 barometer

New Power OR-ing schematic with reverse voltage protection. 5V power module is required!


2.54mm headers:
RC input
PPM input
Spektrum input
RSSI input
sBus input
sBus output
Power input
Buzzer output
LED output
8 x Servo outputs
6 x Aux outputs
USART7 (Console)

JST GH connectors:
USART2 with flow control (Telem 1)
USART3 with flow control (Telem 2)
USB (150mm GH to Micro USB cable included for convenient mounting)
JTAG FMU Processor
JTAG IO Processor

Size: 36mm x 50mm

Mounting Points: 30.5mm x 30.5mm 3.2mm diameter

Weight: 10.9g





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  • I see. Thanks for a quick reply.

  • Hi,

    I'm only using 2 compasses. I had no further problems after solving the initial orientation problem. I think the best is to check the orientation of each compass when all other compasses are deactivated. Arducopter 3.6 should improve the compass calibration routine significantly.

    Sometimes it is somewhat hard to calibrate the compasses, than I reduce the settings. I think I have the problem that the compasses can move relative to another due to vibration dampening.

    Anyhow, Arducopter only uses one compass and there is no code to use three compasses up to now. So more compasses only enlarge the probability of a failure. I would stick with one or two.


  • Hi Tobias,

    How did you solve the compass issue? I believe I have the same issue. Two compasses on GPS board calibrates well, but the third one (I believe on autopilot), keeps failing. Only one thing helped, just turning it off, but I don't see it as the solution.



  • I have mapped 370 ha in the last days with strong wind (>10m/s).  I started my new build without any previous test flight and was not able to atutune it. Anyhow, Arducopter and the X2.1 managed to handle 24 flights/10 hours of total flight time without any major problem. It even saved my build when the gimbal did strange things and knocked against the frame for the rest of the flight (not funny, the battery was destroyed afterwards). I also did a rtl home dive flight at 25m/s! which was no problem for the flight controller. I'm looking very much forward to see the performance when the copter is autotuned. I also tried my new small copter with the X2.1 and it did perform even better. Unfortunately I could not use it for the mapping because the camera has terrible jellow... 

    Last year I mapped 300 ha with a Banggood Pixhawk clone and I can clearly see the difference in the performance. The clone was ok but I had toilett bowls every now and then, at least once a day. The X2.1 did not have any prpblems eventhough I did fly 220 ha with a compass calibration I did inside my flat.

    After all I'm extremely confident with the new controller and want to say thank you very much for the great device. Only one think I have to conplain about: please open a store in Europe or at least ask me to open a store for you ;-)

  • Hi Andreas,

    with Arducopter 3.5 it did not work out of the box but crashed on first take-off destroying 2 T-Motor CF props ;-(. My fault because I'm under pressure to finish the maschine to go mapping and skipped some in depth testing.

    With Arducopter 3.5 you need to change BRD_TYPE to 20 and then the IMU works correctly. Something is strange with the compasses, but that I have to figure out this evening.

  • Hi Tobias,

    if you are using PX4 then you need to follow the Instructions given here:

    Otherwise the Board will identifiy itself as FMUv2 and load the wrong Firmware. Arducopter should work out of the box AFAIK. 

    mRobotics-X2.1 · PX4 v1.9.0 User Guide
  • Hi Phillip,

    actually I'm having trouble now to figure out how to configure the orientation correctly. I figured out dad I have to change the BRD_TYPE parameter to 20 but the compass is still pointing in the wrong direction.

    I will give feedback as soon as my quad is flying. Up to now I'm quite happy (only this orientation thing is troubling me). The stuff was very nicely packed (super save and super practical) and it looks great. I'm very happy that I went for this one since it has all the outputs available. I don't know why this is not the favorite option for many people, but I think it will get a new push as soon as the european law will change in 2019.


  • Hi Tobias,

    The instructions if you are running ardupilot are here. . They will be the same as a Pixhawk. If the doc is correct then you will not need any special code but we would love to hear your feedback. Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Camera Shutter Configuration — Copter documentation
  • Are there any online store to order x2.1 in Europe?

  • Hi Jordi,

    thank you for the answer. If I understand it correctly, I will not need coding to trigger my camera from CH1-Ch6? I hope so! My parcel is held in custom since more one week, I'm hope they will process it some day ...

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