We're not quite halfway through our campaign, and we are absolutely delighted by the enthusiasm Sprite is getting!  Thank you to ALL of you for your interest and support!

Today we're introducing a new Reward, the Sprite Payload Developer Kit, to make it easier for everyone to make Sprite do what you want it to do...whatever that is.  Want to make a grappling hook?  Do it.  A cellular network relay?  Knock yourself out.  An emergency locator transmitter?  Do it.

This package will include all of the digital files you'll need to design and print a custom bulkhead.   It will attach to the bottom of Sprite's Main Module, interface with other modules like the optional Light Ring and LaunchPod landing gear, and provide a watertight seal to keep things dry inside.  There's also an accommodation for power and data connections, and once performance testing is complete on Sprite, we'll include weight and final dimensional limitations.

So what will it cost?  Not much.

All current and future backers will receive the PDK as part of their existing pledge.  There's no need to do anything else.  Backed us with a Sprite Explorer commitment?  You'll get the PDK.  In line for a tee shirt?  You'll get the PDK also.  Donate a buck?  Yep, you get the PDK, too.  If you haven't donated yet, we're creating a new Reward that will allow you to select the PDK separately.  It's going to have a Reward level of $25.  Now you're probably thinking...well, if I can get the PDK for a "No Reward" donation of $1, why would I select the $25 PDK Reward?  Well, just because.  You don't have to.  But every little bit will help us bring Sprite to life that much faster, and that much better.

Anything else?

Any development done with the PDK needs to be done under a non-commercial, open source license.  We'll ask you to post your designs to Ascent's website for distribution to other members of the Sprite community to use.

THANK YOU for your support so far, and please keep the questions and comments coming!

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  • Great to see some innovation here. I like the modular payload design.

    Open source license for the payload? does this mean that Sprite design will be open source? 

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