Introducing the SpyHawk FPV RTF

Pretty cool set-up and comes with everything you need including FPV TX with video screen and sun sheild.  More details available HERE




RTF Package Includes:

  • SpyHawk 4 Channel Mini Glider
  • Built in 5.8 Ghz FPV System w/Recording Module & 4GB SD Card
  • State of the Art 3 Axis Flight Stabilization System
  • 2.4Ghz Radio with Built in 5.8Ghz Video Receiver and High Resolution 3.5" Color LCD
  • 7.4v 450mAh Lipoly Battery & Balance Charger
  • Spare Propeller, User Manual & Glue
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  • Is there any way to boost the signal for better range?

  • By all means. :)

    Here's the final Part 3 of his review of the Hubsan SpyHawk:

    The sense I got was that it is a decent entry into FPV for someone who hasn't flown models before (it's an extremely stable flyer) and an ambitious product that does have room for improvement. The video screen is small and hard to see if it's a very bright day, and you have to keep the radio pointed at the plane to avoid loss of video. It might be a cost-effective solution if you don't feel like paying an equivalent amount of money for video goggles alone (not to mention everything else you would need for FPV).

    Watch the review and decide for yourself! 

  • Part 2 here:


    It uses an internal biquad antenna for video reception by the looks of it. The left (?) rubber ducky antenna on the outside of the controller is unused in the final product.

  • The first of the RCModelReviews three-part review of the SpyHawk is up, covering the build process:


    Parts 2 and 3 will do a teardown of the electronics and check out the innards of the control unit etc.

  • Superb models - not just for FPVers but for all RC beginners I'd say.

    UK pre-orders being taken now at (by

  • According to the US dealer's last note he still has a few units unspoken for.  200 units was supposed to be his initial order, so that's not bad.  Cost, here in US is 370.00 including shipping.  Most recent review posted was by  Josh & Josh.  See their take on it here - 

  • Thank you!

  • Distributor


    Price will be similar to other vendors.  Estimated around £220, but we will have more details once they are actually in stock. 

  • i ask for europe!

  • It's in the link above.
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