The VT-Naut VTOSL (Vertical Takeoff and Short Landing) fixed-wing drone, is an innovative aerial solution meticulously designed to cater to diverse applications, including high-precision mapping, surveying, inspection, scouting, observation, and agriculture, covering very large areas per flight. 

The Aeromao VT-Naut stands as the world’s first vertical takeoff fixed-wing drone capable of water landings, making it ideal for ship-board or coastal operations. 

The uncluttered, unaltered pure fixed wing performance of the VT Naut stands as an lightweight and uncomplicated system with all up weight of 3,700 grs and 2 m wingspan. The clean aerodynamic design of the VT-Naut has no tilt mechanisms that can fail, no extra booms, no additional motors for vertical flight and no unnecessary weight.

Features a long range telemetry link of 30kms, up to 90 mins flight endurance and a compact and indestructible body design.

Catering to the discerning needs of users in search of extensive surveying capabilities through a fixed-wing drone, the VT-Naut UAV system eliminates the additional costs linked to acquiring and operating a VTOL multirotor drone. They can experience unparalleled efficiency without compromising sophistication as the company redefines the landscape of large-area surveying.

The VT Naut addresses the needs of those seeking a cost-effective alternative to a full VTOL platform and who has some degree of flexibility for landing site selection and who requires to survey vast areas, all at a fraction of the cost of other VTOL fixed-wing drones.

Already available with 24MP, 42Mp and 61Mp high resolution mapping cameras camera, a 4K 3-axis surveillance package and Micasense Rededge-P.

Crafted with ingenuity, the VT-Naut is offered as a resilient, modular future-proof solution that transcends the conventional.


About Aeromao:

Aeromao Inc. initiated operations in Canada in 2011 and after already more than 10 years of experience offering mapping services internationally with UAVs and Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicles (RPAVs), well before other manufacturers. Since 2012 we focus on the manufacturing of turnkey UAV systems, subsystem sales, and comprehensive support services, assisting customers with the integration of the UAVs into their workflows to maximize results and increase their return on investment.

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