Introducing the latest ONE from X-UAV


The ONE is the latest design in UAV technology from X-UAV. They are using a high fibre material and it features a servo driven camera stabilization gimbal in the nose.

The is what X-UAV said regarding this new material :

We have strong confidence on this new material. Comparing EPO and EPP,it is completely changes in technology and function. Its density is between EPO and EPP, and 2-3times Rigid than the 35 density of EPO, more than 10 times toughness than EPO.
We believe that it is unlikely to be crashed for plane flying with low weight. In the near future we will use this new material for more planes

Please feel free to contact me on on quotes on these planes if you are interested in ONE.


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  • is there any video of this plane and flights?

  • MR60

    Nice design however a pity they go back to outdated servo gimbals (why not a brushless one instead ?)

    Is it possible to install its own motor or are we stuck with a predefined model because of the gear transmission ?

    I find it a pity that the advantage of electrical propulsion which is to avoid mechanical transmission come back here. This means maintenance (grease, replacement of used gears, etc).

  • Moderator

    Its still an interesting design but I dont want to hand launch this plane. 

  • What new foam is it ????

  • @Waladi: I recon one can, I have not seen this plane in real life so I am not sure. If I can make an educated guess it will be the same as the skywalker series. I recon with their recommend setup you won't get more than 1 hour flight time (I am still to confirm this).

    @Dwgsparky: I recon they used these 2 different sized motors to give an example if the diversity of motors that could be used. I am also not sure of the bearing setup for I have not seen it. One thing I can tell is that x-uav makes top quality products and I have not seen one product that was of bad quality. 

  • This looks like Ian Davidson's design of the motor/propellor unit!!!

  • Moderator

    interesting design but the power pod looks very weak, is this a proven unit? I dont see any bearings and the gears dont look like they will last. 

    Also the description says 36/35/12Kv motor and the pictures show 2814 motor which is correct.? 

    Sorry .. dont take this as a negative comment, just observations. 

  • Hi Christiaan,

    Can we mount pocket camera for mapping inside the cabin and create hole underneat the cabin?
    What is the flight time with your recommended power setup?

  • Hi Ravi, please email me and I will give you the prices on these, we are distributing these planes out of china so it is readily available.

  • Moderator

    Christiaan is selling them drop him an email for price

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