Invensense gyros in the UAV DevBoard

UAV Devboard users,

The UAV Devboard, version 3, is now available from SparkFun. It is the same as version 2, except it replaces the LISY gyros with Invensense 500 degree gyros, which are practically vibration proof. Also, now you can use higher rotation rates in your flights without saturating the gyros. The previous gyros had a maximum range of 300 degrees per second.

The board has been flight tested by the team. All firmware for the UDB2 will work on the UDB3 without changing any parameters except the board type.

In MatrixPilot, you should select RED_GREEN_BOARD (even though the board is entirely red!) as the board type. If you are using any of the heli firmware, the board type depends on what version you are running. In the latest heli firmware, set the board type to INVENSENSE_BOARD. In either case, the configuration file that should be pulled is "IXZ500.h"

The "bigger and better" version of the UDB is still in the design pipeline, and is expected to be available in the spring of 2011.

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  • Thanks Morli
  • Admin
    You can use higher capacity( up to 2500mAh my guess) battery as long as width is not exceeded. There is space left in front and back with default batt. I did not measure the available length or width but was able to use 2200mAh batt ( default batt was 1400mAh I think). C.G seemed to be ok but I am usually lazy with CG setup( unless it is not flyable) and trim it out most of the time. In payload bay you will be left with 0.5 cm of space on each side but you will have to raise UDB to certain extent so that servo push rods don't get struck. I used nylon bolt( same as used on aeroquad) and 1 cm of fuel tube as spacer/damper which seem to work well. The landing with this setup was done AP mode( before autoland function came out) and was amazed at the stability and cleanness of landing.
  • I've ordered extra batteries. Have you managed to find higher power batteries that fit? or would that alter the cog of make it too heavy? Anyway thanks for the help I look forward to some UDB fun
  • Admin
    You may also want to order additional batteries , Don't fly it for than 10 mins for any reason , original batt will go belly up if you do( very tempting).
  • Thanks Morli, I will order one of those
  • Admin
    Yes fab , that is the one. I used the default hardware that comes with it along with UDB. I had uploaded the photos some where here but could not locate it so far :(.
  • T3

    It is not possible to buy only the gyros board to update the UDB2.

    In any case, it is very difficult to do, there is signficant risk of damaging the board while you try to remove the gyros that are there.


  • Morli,

    Is it this one

  • "We only briefly considered the ITG3200. In terms of drift and working range, the IXZ500 seemed a better fit, with a range of 500 degrees/second, which is adequate for most aircraft"

    Worth to take a closer look. ;-)

    I tried it with a BMA180 in an ARM based IMU application. First impressions are very positive. Low noise, low drift. Nearly impossible to turn the board by hand fast enough to loose position - while it's easy using the 500 degree/sec izx etc. line.
    (The BMA180 datasheet is simply terrible, detailed description of bits but no sign of the register address the bits belong too, nor the position of the bits inside the byte, billion details but not a clear description on typical use etc.)

  • hello,

    Will it be possible to buy only the Gyros board and upgrade my UDB2 board?

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