Very nicely executed video featuring-


The Invertix 400 is the World's First Fully 3D Capable, Fixed-Pitch Multirotor. Employing cutting-edge design, engineering and manufacturing techniques, the Invertix represents a massive step forward in the quest of mastering aerobatic flight. 

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  • Hi,is there a 3D sketch for HK's Multiwii 328,would much appreciate any help available.
    Cheers a.
  • Developer

    The first 3D quad? I don't think.
    Maybe you are not well documented.

  • Wow, i fly Helicopters too, but this is even better, i want one :-)

  • It works, as long as you only show 3 seconds at a time.

  • yup, I got a bit angry to see this claim of the "first" when I knew quite a while back that (at least earlier, for sure) Warthox had done it and was getting better at it with more and more flights. Glad others caught this too.

  • @ RD,

    CY has actually already put together a gas powered one (the Manta Ray) and he has it working almost as well as the electric one.

    Although from watching the video I'm not sure I'd want to be anywhere near it with anybody other than Curtis operating it.

  • @ Gary - There is that!

  • That will depend on the software the copter is running, you could even do the magnetometer based "headfree" mode upside down. So the copter would fly upside down exactly like in normal orientation - so everyone seeing you fly upside down would think you are a champ but your software is cheating it into being a piece of cake...

  • Moderator

    Other than my inability to fly like that.

  • Hi all,

    I was actually aware of others preceding this, but this one really did have exceptional performance and comparing videos of this and Curtis's it was the first time I had seen one come so close in performance.

    The whos on first thing is always a issue here, and in this group in particular people really need to avoid making claims.

    But this is going to be practical for more people to buy than a Stingray and they have it controlling very nicely so more power to them.

    Frankly, with the right ESCs and a little work on our own flight controllers there isn't any reason we couldn't all be doing this.

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