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  • Lots of progress, the app is coming along well. Since this post I have added better BLE Support, Voice alerts, battery and accelerometer calibration and many other small things. Also I am currently working on getting Follow Me working. The app should be on the app store by the end of July, be sure to get your orders for the bluetooth repeater in by reading the bottom of the post at

    Cheers for your support guys!!

  • @Antonio that might work, I don't have one to test myself though. When I release the app please let me know and we can work to get it working hopefully.

    Thankyou for your donation by the way, I should be able to get it on the App Store hopefully by the end of July.
  • I think you can use the HM-10

    I will test it when you upload the app at App Store.

  • @Stefan I don't believe it would be sorry. I'm not 100% as I don't have one, but I believe the tbs crossfire uses regular Bluetooth? The app currently only works with Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE).
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    looks good to me, a great addition for a 2nd unit at the flying site, put my name down for a kit or 2 please. 

  • Sounds very interesting. Is it compatible to the bluetooth connection of the TBS Crossfire Mavlink?
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