iPad LCD as Displayport monitor


I made a adapter board which can drive the back light and pinout a full size DP port. 

The backlight driver is running in constant current mode and dimming is done through a digital potentiometer.

The input is 5V compatible, but preferred to have ~ 2A to provide enough power for back light LEDs. 

The screen from ebay is far from perfect, next time I will try to order to oversea seller, at least they have a reasonable price to begin with. 

The Lcd is pretty capable, it compatible to various non-native resolutions, like 800x600, 1024x768 etc. However,  I can tell Intel integrated GPU has better compatibility in non-native resolutions than AMD integrated GPU.

The casing is card board, the laser cut acrylic is too expensive to me ....

Anyway, here are the pics.



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  • Similar controllers are widely available. This one is with HDMI input.


  • The display is using Displayport input.

    I am not a Pi fan, so know not much about Pi... sort of remembering Pi is using HDMI, you then need a HDMI to DP adapter to use the display.

  • The board is nothing other than connecting eDP to a full size displayport connector, power supply, and constant current backlight driver. 

    The backlight driver is not that straight forward, but it is very much doable. 

    In this sense, if the non-retina display has the same eDP interface and physical connector, then should work, 

    I would guess ipad1/2 are using LVDS

  • I only made one unit because I only sourced components for one unit.... The cost is fairly high (~$95) so I would consider it is less competitive to commercial product... anyway, just FYI

  • great job. I am still waiting for a display for bright daylight. can u shed more light on the driver board. Is it HDMI input.

  • Assuming that this screen can be used by Pi or other small computers, right?

  • This is really great :) Can I buy one? It is only for the standard (ipad , ipad 2? ) 9,7 1024*768 non Retina screens?

  • Are these for sale?

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