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  • coaxial X8 is the best way to go. for tilt servo's I'm using 

    HSB-9380TH SERVO

    HSB-9380TH Servo
    With ultra-efficient Neu brushless motors, titanium gear trains, low current consumption, and constant output power, the HSB-93XX series of servos is…
  • coaxial X8

  • I'm building one but I'm using openaero kk2.1 HC longer wings at 125" and 8 sunnysky X3520 520kv motors with 3 blade 13x8 props on x2 6s 22,000mah 25/50C and a V tail


  • I'm guessing it did not fly right.

  • your wings are to short and the wings are not far enough back. the rudder and elevator are also to far forward.

  • nice

    work    ,i want make it too   ,where have you change the apm code , 

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