Iris with FY-G3 brushless gimbal

Just wanted to share a quick video I took testing out the Iris quadcopter and the FY-G3 gimbal.  If anyone is interested they can find out more details of how I went about attaching it here, otherwise a short summary below :-)

I just made a quick mount for the longer arducopter legs, and a mount for the FY-G3 gimbal that uses the existing gopro 3 mount that comes with the Iris, so that it can be attached/removed without needed to do any modifications.

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  • I'm sorry to ask the boring question but how was the flight time?

    Which is perhaps a more direct version of Brent's question.

  • looks awesome !

    well done 

  • Moderator

    Careful with your language Austin

  • Easy there Austin! As an Iris owner I find this relevant and interesting. The links he provided are for a reseller of 3DR products in England and for information on his project! All comes back to the sponsor of this very website so whats your grief?

    Nice work! I want to do the same thing but am waiting for the official released long legs. Until then I have utilized the original mount and have the camera gimbal mounted on the front. Did you find the weight was an issue at all?


  • this website isn't for free advertisement of your sh*t!!!

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