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  • This is one of the coolest robot videos ever.  Fortunately if this robot goes on a rampage it can easily be kicked over, it is nothing at all like a T1000 stealing a police car.

  • Great idea, great behaviour most like an human. However, to be a UAV it should be flying, it may be a UTV :)

  • This is brilliant

  • Moderator

    No sadly not, but will raise a glass in support.

  • You not attending??
  • Moderator

    Well don't forget the A is different as well in UAS.......


    I still want one for Christmas though.


    Perhaps you should all debate this issue over some real ale at the meet this weekend.

  • Mr M

    You know full well this is a v vs s debate!!! :)
  • Moderator

    @ DaveWavey Well no cos it's not flying but if it jumped a ramp, maybe.


    That is just such a cool thing, now can I please have one for Christmas.

  • So cool only in Japan :-)

  • Very impressive -- much more than just pedaling and balancing.

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