Is that a DJI Phantom in your pocket?


Meet the Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 2. This little quad, which looks an awful lot like a mini-DJI Phantom, actually carries some pretty impressive features for the size and price.

I have applied my own personal translation to the specs, as well as get some additional information from sources, and will share my findings.

Two of the coolest features in this 4 inch quad are the heading lock feature, and the follow-me feature.

The first feature allows this quad to be flown with directional continuity. This is similar to the, "headfree," or, "carefree," modes found on larger quads. In short, the cyclic stick will always move the quad in the same direction no matter the yaw of the aircraft. Forward goes forward, sideways goes sideways, and back goes back, no matter which way the quad is actually facing. This can be turned off and on I am told, though I haven't confirmed if this can be done, literally, on the fly. Either way, in a micro-quad, this is a HUGE addition, in my opinion.

The second cool feature, follow-me, allows the quad to follow the transmitter as the pilot moves. While this quad can be used with other controllers, I am told the provided controller is what the quad locks onto for this feature. Building on the follow me feature, the quad also has a return to pilot function. In short, you stand still and it follows the transmitter to where you are standing. While these features aren't done in the same way as the bigger quads, which use GPS, they are still pretty cool for a $100 quad!

This quad also comes with a camera, which I have been told can shoot video at 720p HD. 

I have been advocating for small consumer grade quads with features of the bigger guys, and have been researching building my own. The more I research, the more I come to realize there is already someone pulling it off cheaper across the Pacific. I have owned several Nine Eagles products, and found them to be relatively reliable, but I would love to see a similarly sized higher quality build come from one of the more major players in the UAS field. If it could be done for around $500, with higher quality components, and a great support network, I think there could be a significant market.

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  • hahaha. that's for sure.

  • Your lips to Chris's ears, Jay. I couldn't agree more!
  • 3DRobitcs should start building such small size multiroto.

  • Ah crud @Gary Mortimer. You already posted
    about the video I linked. Haha.
  • Gary McCray...Hubsan has info up again. It was temporarily down last night. I talk with someone in the company occasionally, and try to pry info. So far no word on this besides what is listed on the page. Though, this did pop up shortly after they mentioned small GPS units.
  • Somehow I cut the h off http, and must have typed ht to correct. Change as needed to get the link. Sorry guys.
  • @Gary Mortimer talking about swarming quads...


    This looks like animation, but it is still cool.
  • @Helistorm, the new not yet released H109 Hubsan looks like a really interesting copter, still very small (200 size) but with brushless motors and available FPV.

    At least basic GPS functionality such as RTL and improved durability from brushless should make this a very desirable consumer multicopter in the small = safe category.

    It looks like it isn't expected to be available till January 1 though.

  • Admin

    Hi Gustav,

    Lot of real UAV stuff( serious R & D ) are happening in fixed wing and heli too. Just that not many of those are posting or sharing any stories :(.

    PS: Me has always(+15 years) been  a fixed winger though like my Trex 600N w/o any AP some times/lately.  :)

  • The camera seems to work fine.  I'll try to go to a park or something, film some video, and post it in a few days or so.  I noticed, if you take a picture while it's taking video, it will stop the video and take the picture.  So that is something you'll have to be carefull of, but if you are just taking video you should be fine.

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