Is that a DJI Phantom in your pocket?


Meet the Nine Eagles Galaxy Visitor 2. This little quad, which looks an awful lot like a mini-DJI Phantom, actually carries some pretty impressive features for the size and price.

I have applied my own personal translation to the specs, as well as get some additional information from sources, and will share my findings.

Two of the coolest features in this 4 inch quad are the heading lock feature, and the follow-me feature.

The first feature allows this quad to be flown with directional continuity. This is similar to the, "headfree," or, "carefree," modes found on larger quads. In short, the cyclic stick will always move the quad in the same direction no matter the yaw of the aircraft. Forward goes forward, sideways goes sideways, and back goes back, no matter which way the quad is actually facing. This can be turned off and on I am told, though I haven't confirmed if this can be done, literally, on the fly. Either way, in a micro-quad, this is a HUGE addition, in my opinion.

The second cool feature, follow-me, allows the quad to follow the transmitter as the pilot moves. While this quad can be used with other controllers, I am told the provided controller is what the quad locks onto for this feature. Building on the follow me feature, the quad also has a return to pilot function. In short, you stand still and it follows the transmitter to where you are standing. While these features aren't done in the same way as the bigger quads, which use GPS, they are still pretty cool for a $100 quad!

This quad also comes with a camera, which I have been told can shoot video at 720p HD. 

I have been advocating for small consumer grade quads with features of the bigger guys, and have been researching building my own. The more I research, the more I come to realize there is already someone pulling it off cheaper across the Pacific. I have owned several Nine Eagles products, and found them to be relatively reliable, but I would love to see a similarly sized higher quality build come from one of the more major players in the UAS field. If it could be done for around $500, with higher quality components, and a great support network, I think there could be a significant market.

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  • Thanks! I will await your results. Do you have any video posted online? How has the video been with this. One thing which kept me from buying the 1sq with video was reports of the camera not functioning properly. In fact, my LHS did not order anymore in after their initial run with it because they had had too many returns.
  • The self leveling feature is kinda jerky, so for filming I turn that feature off so I get smoother shots.  I haven't played around with the heading hold or return to tx features too much, but at like 10-15ft it does return back to the tx.  I'll keep you posted as I do more testing.

  • Bada bing! Thanks Geoffrey. I thought it would have come along much sooner.
  • Alex, I have seen that since doing some more research. Price of admission is a little higher, but ii may see if my LHS has one. They carry HeliMax stuff. As far as being nimble, I have read it is a very slow stable flyer, which would be nice with a micro camera setup, but maybe not as fun for sport flying. I have my Hubsan x4 which darts around really well though.

    As far as the heading hold and return/follow tx function, have you had a chance to test these? Are they a gimmick, or actually functional on this small quad?
  • No, I'm just happy to see you.

  • Helimax has come out with the 1Si, which is a clone of this quad.  I got one, looks just like a mini Phantom right down to the led's on the arms and the battery compartment.  Not as nimble as my Nano Qx, but the video isn't bad.

  • Morli, it seems us fixed wing guys have far fewer issues than you rotorheads :-)

    Have to admit, played with both types this past weekend !

  • Morli,  I just realized I never answered one of your questions about homing in on the TX. I don't know for sure, but perhaps directional signal detection? I hope to find out more answers moving forward. Also, I imagine once spare parts come along for this someone will build a hybrid with larger motors, props, better cameras, FPV, etc. I hang out over at RCGroups occasionally, and those guys tear into these little guys, taking the best pieces from different quads, and making something completely new.

    Gary...I agree. I think swarms would be an awesome idea. Many little quads could be cheaper, safer, and more robust than one big one.

  • Moderator

    Yes a box of these with cameras swarming around a building for inspection would be cool.

  • Euan, I have to say I started into RC a long time ago on fixed wing, back when RC helicopters were finicky things messed around with by people richer than I. Then I drifted away from the hobby for awhile, but was drawn back in by a cheap little toy plane followed shortly by a cheap little toy heli. It has been downhill since.  I do want to get back into fixed wing again, though, as I see some really cool FPV stuff on YouTube and elsewhere. I especially like the motorized gliders some people fly. It looks VERY fun, and can make for some incredibly scenic video when you don't have motors thrashing the air to keep you up in the sky.

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