FILE0009.JPGFILE0008.JPGAfter I FINALLY received the eDIPTFT dev-kit today and a few missing cables arrived too, it was all wiring it up and getting them to talk. With the help of the drones-discuss list, I quickly fixed up a simple MAVLink parser which just pulls the coords and sends them to the display in terminal mode.

Now, the fun part starts - develop a nice UI and implement some meaningful features.

The eDIPTFT43 display, by the way, is incredible! If it hadn't anti-mirror coating and the touch screen, the viewing angle would be +/-90° horizontal as well as vertical. It's nicely bright and the colors are pretty vibrant. I'm gonna write a review on that display somewhen later.

Here's the project home:
And the current features draft:

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  • I chose the eDIPTFT because it's intelligent. It has many functions, such as animations, gauges, bargraphs, etc. already included which are very easy to address. This takes some load off the µC and makes the developing a bit easier and more comfortable.

  • Great idea. Would you be so kind and tell why you choose eDIPTFT43 display? I am about to begin similar GS but decided to go cheaper and buy 3.2 TFT with touch panel for Mega.

    I am completely newb in electronics and programming but this subject is great to learn both. I already programmed switching onboard devices with 4ch I2C relay and have to think about NMEA parser. My MyFlyDream Antenna Tracker is able to send NMEA via bluetooth. Would it be possible to send a couple of questions when I will be in trouble (parser)? I feel hard part is just a bout to come ;)

    Good luck!


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