Italian Enthusiasm - Above the Clouds Drone


I want share with the community my last goal achieved with an old Multiplex Easycub , APM2, Arduplane 2.6.8, 3DR telemtry 900 mhz, Airspeed sensor and a still not working Attopilot 90A.
A great flight above the clouds after some unsuccessfull flights ( i have lost an easystar with gopro and APM2 still dont know why)
I still have to tune the Nav Roll P for better videos but i am sure you will like it.
Also if i never wrote on the forum it was very helpful for me and i am ready to share all my tests with other people who is starting with drones.

EDIT : add version without copyright limitations at

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  • Sorry this Video can not seen in Germany . You have no free music .

  • Also an appropriate radio receiver tuned to the local unicom or airfield frequency should help to keep you aware of the position of light aircraft. I say should because general aviation pilots don't always do what they are supposed to either...

  • Legalities aside, there are ways of ensuring safety in respect of piloted aircraft. What I do: Obtain an IFR chart of the area I intend to operate in. This contains a "Minimum Sector Altitude" - simply put this is a minimum safe altitude that aircraft operating under IFR - Instrument Flight Rules have to stay above. I operate below it. 

    As for VFR - Visual Flight Rules aircraft, they have no business being in or around cloud or low visibility conditions (as defined by your local civil aviation authority). A spotter will take care of the air between the ground and the cloud base. 

    In short, stay between the ground and the Minimum Sector Altitude and you shouldn't hit a 747.

  • @Eagle

    If my foamy had a chance to smash a 747 whindshield at 1300 mt asl with the nearest airport far 150 km i think that 747 already had other bigger problems :-)

    Thank you.

  • @Tony Coupland

    Thank you

    250 mt Asl

  • Fantastic video Marco!  What altitude was your launch site?

  • @I.S.

    normally a 4200mah 3S but during normal missions the consumption is around 5A so at least 30 min is assured.

    This value come from the Attopilot 90A that is partially working , i still can not read the correct voltage... if someone can help me will be appreciated.

  • @Pela Stark

    I have tried both 3DR and GLB alternative and the 3DR one 1.1 version is far better.

    The GLB one came not working, i have flashed with new firmware and reduced the output power from both sides to 50 mW for establishing a connection..

    The 3DR one with Airspeed 64 and stock antennas gave me a range of 3 km flying at 100mt above the ground level.

    The ground module was mounted on the top of an old fishing rod (3 mt) with a 5 mt usb cable.

    The 900Mhz regulations is soon changing because a 3G provider (tre) will start to tx on this frequency mid of this year.

  • Not sure if this is completely legal but absolutely wonderful vdo.
    What batteries did you use and dis you use 3DR stock antennas?

  • @Peter Miller

    Yes below 100mw


    I will check the European regulations soon but also as a glider pilot i have'nt seen any real risk to put my foamy that weighs around 1 kg at 1300 over a field very far from the common flight paths for 2 min.

    Anyway since i am a beginner and i dont want absolutely to Cre8 :-) problems if i am outlaw i will remove the video soon.

    Happy to make someone dreaming like i did the first time i seen similar video one years ago on youtube.

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