Java UDB Tool and LOGO Editor

This is a simple tool to boost development/use on the UDB. It basically loads your Options file and enables editing and compiling (and soon uploading/burning). Here are a few screen shots.


The above is the main screen showing the general settings, including the Vehicle Name, MAVLINK SYSID, among other general Settings.


Above is the screen to change I/O Settings.

And below is the screen for the all useful control gains....


Eventually hope to use the tool to edit waypoints. Working on this currently hoping to have 3D editing interface, using NASA World Wind for Java (WWJ). The waypoints will translate to LOGO instructions for mission planning.


WWJ makes 3D views easy, and specifically figuring out terrain elevation.... Even before fully loading the data, you can discern clearly elevation.....


I'll post the code soon on a repository, and hope if anyone finds it useful they'll check it out, give feedback and possibly help evolve the tool.

As its Java, it should be platform neutral.

Thanks Coby for initial design and idea for interface!

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  • Moses thak you!

    It would be great. UDB become more popular along AUAW1 in my country and your tool will be very handy to all MatrixPilot users.

  • Hi Michal,

    Sorry for the delayed response. I'll upload an easy install for World Wind shortly.


  • Moses - thank you. Your tool looks excellent. But I believe I am the person programmers fears the most. I was not able to find a way to install worldwind... I unpacked zip file and I was able to run-demo.bat.

    My knowledge in programming is really at zero level so it is with all java dependencies.

    I feel like I am going to wait for install exe file.

    Despite of this I believe once installed your tool would be excellent.



  • Installation Requirements:

    Install WWJ and follow the instructions for a proper JRE Install (copying all binaries (DLL) to the JRE Bin directory and the JAR files to the JRE LIB EXT directory).

    Download the Tool and from the BIN directory of the tool, execute the BAT file. 

    I will add SH file for UNIX/LINUX/OSX soon as resource[s] allows, but you are also welcome to do so :-D


    I am working on the LOGO bit of the program, and this is what I have so far:


    I am able to choose locations of interest, and basic LOGO instructions formulated based on this, for instance manoeuvring corners is done smoothly using either RT or LT depending on the turn, and obviously point to point is handled using FD (x). Special instructions for each waypoint will be possible as I progress, but I am limited by my resources hence progress will be slow.

    Please help with ideas of how to do things where you can, I need all ideas and reviews.

    I've been eyeing the T3 competition for a while now, and I hope before the next one the software will be ready to use instead of manually editing.

    Wishing you clear skies!

  • Thanks Coby!

    Here's the repo.

    I am working to the get proper installation scripts and documentation, and as well as work out minor bugs here and there.

    I will need all the help I can get


    Java UDB Tool and LOGO Editor. Contribute to udbTool/JavaUdbTool development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • Nice work Moses!  Look forward to more.

  • This tool will be very valuable to us all. Thank you

  • Looking forward to download link :)

  • Awesome! My only dislike of UDB/Matrixpilot is the need to reflash the firmware to load a new mission. This makes things much easier! Great work...
  • Thanks Nick and Ben for your comments. This is what I need to grow the tool to do better. It loads from the default options.h file and then compiles your entire package. Hope to add direct loading of the firmware to the board from the tool so that its easier to program. Nick, the repository will be setup shortly and you can have a go at the code and tool.


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