jDrones News: Upgraded jD-MiniOSD


jDrones News: New jD-MiniOSD with switching power regulator

(picture from test batch, production boards will be black)

We are proud to precent first set of electronics, jD-MiniOSD v1.0

Heating issues By Gone..., we made upgraded version available of OSD that has full support for MAVLink and ArduPilot electronics. This board can handle input voltages up to 42 volts so you can easily hook up your 2S - 6S LiPos without making overheating it. This switching regulator version of the OSD was originally developed by Sam Kelly from 3DRobotics


Boards are fully compatible with original MinimOSD.

OSD firmware written by Sandro and Jani.

ArduCAM OSD Config writen by Michael Oborne.

Original PCB design by 3DRobotics

Technical details:

 - Atmel 328 MCU

 - MAX7456 Video chip

 - 600 mAh Switching power supply

 - Input voltage 5v (from FTDI) and/or 6 - 42 volts (external)

 - Size: 17.8mm x 44mm

And what is the best, we made it more efficient and price is only 49.95 USD

Deliveries will start mid March. You can Pre-Order yours from jDrones store.

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  • Yes, I did yesterday. But It's the same.


  • Developer

    Yes it is. Can you upload that properly to your OSD?

  • Jani,

    The latest firmware is MiniOSD_19_MAV10.hex ? isn't is?


  • Developer


    Did you upadte to latest software from ArduCAM-OSD repository?

    You can find latest firmware ArduCAM-OSD 1.9, MAVLink 1.0 from here. As old MAVLink 0.9 protocol is not supported anylonger. Please update it and then you should be able to work with that again. 

  • clear1x1.gif clear1x1.gif
     I am using jD-MiniOSD v1.0 MAVLink compatible OSD

    Whenever  I click "READ FROM OSD",  Error occured "lost sync 0x10"

    so I could not find home direction and distance on screen display.

    any ideas?

    jD-MiniOSD v1.2 MAVLink compatible OSD
    R/C UAV and ArduCopter manufacturer and one stop shop. We make your FPV come true.
  • T3


    Does that mean the MinimOSD from 3DRobotics will now have the upgraded switching regulator for a wider range of input voltages?

  • Developer

    Yes we used that as reference design. Before the LM2842, we used many others chips unsuccessfully, our final OSD resulted with the LM2842, design that you just grabbed without giving proper credits and before we even announce/release it.

    You didn't gave proper credits to the PCB that we designed and routed by ourselves (3DRobotics). Every component, component orientation, every trace, every via, PCB size and shape (even the rounded corners) are exactly the same as one of our prototypes. Unfortunately you grabbed an old revision from our private development group that you have access too.

    Ours will come with the latest fixes, but this time we are not sharing files (anywhere) until we release it to avoid this situation again. 

  • Developer

    Switching regulator is originally designed by Texas Instruments engineers and we use it exactly as they did it, Full schematics is on their LM2842 DC/DC regulator data sheet, page 10
  • Developer

    Updated post to include proper credits:
    "This switching regulator version of the OSD was originally developed by Sam Kelly from". 

  • T3

    Any idea when it will be back?

This reply was deleted.