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Comes with the latest 2.4 software with such features as Smart Rewind RTL, Panos, and Ziplines (on iOS now, and Android catching up to latest features next month)


The version without gimbal is a great and cheap open source development platform. We use dozens of them for swarming (instructions coming soon) 

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  • Hi Chris,

    Got it figured out, had start up sequence wrong, for me at least seems to require a pretty explicit start sequence:

    Turn on IPad, Turn on Transmitter, Plug in battery and turn on Solo, Turn on Camera, Goto IPad setup and turn on Solo Wifi, then start Solo App and wait for connect then select Fly from App (Video Preview now displayed)

    If you've done that right, comes up to video preview every time.

    A sentence clarifying that sequence somewhere might have made this a lot easier.

    Maybe it's obvious to everybody else, but neither the Solo's one page quick start nor Colin's first flight video make this sequence clear.

    Sometimes in making it so simple a 5 year old can do it you lose us old fart engineers.

    And I believe the Axiom is "Make it as simple as possible but no simpler".

    In any case did first few manual flights and it worked fine, very stable.

    It was a bit louder and more throttle than I expected to hover, but my Hoverthings FPV Pros use a lot bigger and slower props and motors so I do understand.

    It is my intention to use the Solo to actually do what you designed it for taking quality videos on our beautiful Northern California Coast (dry side of the bluffs) using your semi-autonomous dollying modes and I think it is going to work very well for that.

    That side HDMI mount from the gimbal into the camera is seriously tight and I was a bit worried about it, but it turned out to be not a problem and it retains the connection very well, it is a clever design.

    A lot of good design stuff in the Solo, now I just hope it all works and I can learn to use it well.

    Best Regards,


  • 3D Robotics

    Gary, that's normally due to not pushing in the HDMI cable all the way into the camera. Make sure that's all the way in and you've selected the right camera type in the app. 

  • Hi Chris,

    I really appreciate the feedback, but you can be sure I quadruple checked and retried all of that before I ever wrote about it here.

    I actually pulled the gimbal and rechecked the internal HDMI cable too and the Gimbal is working fine, just not the live feed.

    Also all updates and Hero 4 Black selected (and WiFi definitely off), even set it down to 1080P 30FPS just in case that helped.

    That said, my I just got it to work perfectly - once - and not yet sure why.

    Seems to be very order dependent on when everything is turned on and when radio and WiFi connection are made.

    I was also having problems with the GoPro App displaying recorded videos properly (lots of black flashes), but once I switched to regular Windows apps no problems.

    At this point, I will methodically check and recheck everything and record what does and doesn't work.

    I am hoping it is just some kind of procedural error, basically the Solo wants to fly and All I want is for my IPad mini to display the real time or rather ~ half second delayed video.

    I'm not going to be using it for FPV racing, so the latency is no problem for me and I really love the high quality of the real time-ish video.

    Best regards,


  • 3D Robotics

    Gary, that's normally due to not pushing in the HDMI cable all the way into the camera. Make sure that's all the way in and you've selected the right camera type in the app. 

  • Just an update,

    Got My Solo and Gimbal, but currently not so happy, no live video from the brand new GoPro 4 Black.

    The Faqs last check is to try a different camera - now if only I had a spare GoPro lying around.

    I will get an HDMI to Micro HDMI cable this afternoon so I can verify whether the camera is working or not.

    Oh Well,


  • Hi Chris

    Thanks for the tip. I've used forwarders before, in particular the Aussie Post one, but most of them are not doing items with lipo batteries anymore, to the point Aussie post has even held back some of my shipments of computer parts, that didn't even have batteries in it...supremely frustrating to say the least.

    But the fact remains, as you also pointed out, that Aussies don't get the same deals the USA does, despite us having a free trade agreement etc (if politics ever changed anything!), and we continue to be rorted all the way, and even at the bank!

    Of all the countries where UAV use is possible, and of November this year, even commercially possible without an OC for under 2kg, I don't get that we aren't being "targeted" with UAVs accordingly. It seems like our money isn't as good as any other's. Probably not really the best business strategy in a global economy.


  • Hi JB,

    Try a mail forwarder, thats how I ordered some stuff from them. Although not a Solo, I got that through GoOutdoors when they had the 20% off sale. With the cheap airfares it seems that it would almost be cost neutral to go over and buy it there. I'm not sure that US companies really understand when they set these RRP at a huge mark up that it really impacts sales. The base price when it was release here in Aus was still $300USD difference, now less than half of that was our GST but the rest is all them. If I could get one for $780 AUD (that's $599USD) then I most likely would pick up a 2nd one as it will be one of my commercial rigs once my OC comes through.

    At $1500 AUD it's just not worth it. I dont even think we can access the SiteScan offering either, although I do quite well with either the Solo (using a modded gopro) or my own custom build with a Sony A5100. I'd love to test drive SiteScan with the Sony camera / gimbal to see if the simple workflow is worthwhile...... Also our Solo battery prices are ridiculous too, we pay $238 AUD (so about $180 USD). It seems that we pay between 20 to 35% more for each item. Why? A really bad distributor deal that's why.

  • Missed it. Shame this wasn't the real price now - with the new modes as well, it would make the choice between this and the phantom a bit harder.

  • Anybody in Australia have any luck ordering one?

    Tried, but go no-where regardless of how I ordered it yesterday (incl. gimbal extra).

    Would be nice if Aussies got some love for their participation in the product. :-(

    AUD$1500 is to steep.

    Regards JB

  • Chris, yes, I'm actually quite aware of what is going on with the GPS.  At the end of the day, I can't arm it.  And I don't have this problem with any other vehicles. 

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