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Comes with the latest 2.4 software with such features as Smart Rewind RTL, Panos, and Ziplines (on iOS now, and Android catching up to latest features next month)


The version without gimbal is a great and cheap open source development platform. We use dozens of them for swarming (instructions coming soon) 

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  • Rob - of course you are correct. You should not have to do this. And to be honest -- not indulging in any bashing here - it is pretty astonishing that 3DR simply cannot give a straight answer to a simple question. The fact that there has been a question about the GPS since day 1 and at this stage it cannot be verified what version will ship, is just amazing. Regardless, at $599 with gimbal, I reckon this is a good  enough deal now, if you have the skills to remedy this.

    @Gary - yep no planes here any more. Lots of McMansions instead.

  • Here in NZ we pay $1800 NZD for the Solo and $500 NZD for the Gimbal thru 1 chain of stores (Harvey Normans) there are no discounts either, in USD terms that is $1658 USD....you can see the desire to buy direct!

  • Nick could you please try to add gimbal and solo separately. For me; It is possible to jump to payment ( with extra shipping cost for gimbal!) 

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    Sorry about that, Nick. The sale should have been clearly marked US only until we sorted the international distributors out.
  • Despite trying for well over an hour, I can't seem to place an order for Australia or New Zealand; No error message, it just won't calculate shipping. The new online store is terrible... My first order from what is now 3DR was 19/05/2009 and before that, I purchased Ardupilot boards from Sparkfun. I have since ordered direct from 3DR on many occasions and not had an issue until now.

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    Rob, you're not actually losing GPS lock. That's just the way the EKF reports that you're in motion and it has to recalibrate. We'll update the messaging so it's less confusing. 

  • Guess I just joined the club Rob, maybe in California we have better GPS, I'll let you know.



  • Marc, I bought a nice RTF quadcopter so that I didn't have to hack anything.  

    I'm really confused by the Rev B statement by Chris.  If "most" Solos got the Rev B, and I ordered one in April, presumably from newer stock.... what did I get?  I tried flying it at my normal test field last week.  Lost lock just picking it up, again.  No other copter of mine does that. This is a large wide-open field with no interference.  I was able to fly, lock came back quickly, but it's still disturbing.

  • Hi Marc,

    Yeah I am committed now, and you are certainly right, and if I need to that is exactly what I will do.

    For me it is unlikely to be an insoluble problem nor one not worth solving.

    But if I do need to "fix it", where does that leave the Solo buyers who aren't DIYDrones regulars?

    Just a thought, I am really hoping for a trouble free experience - it has to happen occasionally, doesn't it.

    Lived 2 blocks from the Naval Air Station many years ago, got used to the house shaking and the dishes and pottery on the shelves rattling when they broke the sound barrier right over head after a few months.

    Probably don't do that so much anymore.

    Oop's just checked and they shut it down in 1995.

    Best Regards,


  • Gary -- this is DIY Drones. For 599 just stick a Drotek GPS in if you get Rev A! GND, 5V, RX, TX. You know the drill!

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