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    Sorry, but why all the excitement?  I guess they're very cheap but it's just a simple quad which probably doesn't even do altitude hold.  Figure out how to put a PX4 on it and then it might be interesting.

  • You can have them for $49.99us from us even cheaper then goodluckbuy. ;-)

  • Wow Chinese stuff. guess that's why Traxxas started selling in Future Shop in Canada. Maybe bestbuy very soon.


    that's exactly the same...

    Hubsan trademark


  • Let me know when you'll get them in Dany. Having the local parts support of Traxxas is a huge plus.

    Are they brushless?

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    They are all coming from the same china supplier... :) this is the next evolution (minor but better) from the QR Ladybirds... 

    Look at Jani's promo, same stuff! :)

    I am also trying to get them... The demand for this little bugger is ENORMOUS!  (so expect delays) 

    But I am sure we will get them on time for Santa! 


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  • Retail's for $69.99 plus they have a coaxial heli for $69.99 coming out.

  • Wow, that looks interesting.  I'll check this one out for sure.  Traxxas usually makes high quality stuff at a decent price.

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