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  • Check NASA tv right now! It is the FRC kickoff!
    Sam R.
  • Also, about the scaled down version, there is one. It is called FTC and is just as fun as FRC. You just use a smaller robot platform to complete different tasks
    Sam R.
  • Go FIRST! I am on first and it is really fun. It is not about battling robots, it is about completing a task. Chris you are so right! And that foot-ball like excitement really does exist! And for the 200 dollar thing. I know that you can build cool robots for cheap money because 1. you have a lot of parts around your house (I'm guessing since you are a member of this website :) ) 2. You have WAY more expertise then most kids in FIRST. That's why kids need people like you who love engineering, and know a lot about engineering, to help people like me, a 14 year old, who would love to build a really cool robot for under $200 but don't know how, like a UAV, but I don't have the money :(. Help us out!
    Sam R.
  • 3D Robotics
    Guys, I suggest you attend a FIRST robotics contest before you criticize it. Those big remote-control devices may not seem like "real robots" to you, since they're not primarily autonomous, but they're incredibly fun to drive and watch. FIRST is designed to inspire football-game like excitement around technology; it's hard to get that kind of stadium thrills with a micro-mouse.
  • ""5 foot tall $6500 waste of money. This is just a scam to get money from kids and have them think they are doing something. I have built more complicated robots for less than $200.""

    I agree it does seem to be a logistical nightmare having teams move all that gear around from competition to competition as compared to something like the micro-mouse that requires more complicated engineering skills, small robot and a course that can be built anywhere. Just me but it looks like FIRST for all that I wanted it to be is suffering from severe "let them eat cake" syndrome.

    Scale it down and make it accessible to every one not teams that have the money, granted I know there is money available for teams that don't have it like I said I've been following FIRST from the time it came out. The same grant money could be used on a more effective scale with something more accessible to the masses like micro-mouse. I know this isn't a popular opinion but that's the way I see it.
  • 5 foot tall $6500 waste of money. This is just a scam to get money from kids and have them think they are doing something. I have built more complicated robots for less than $200.
  • FIRST is an amazing experience , I encourage many to participate or mentor. You will learn a tremendous amount in only 6 weeks time. Find a team nearby your area -

    FIRST is a 5 foot tall / 120 robot, micro-mouse is a tabletop robot. They are not really on a comparable scale. VEX robotics competition is more similar to micro-mouse if you want to compare.
  • I think the micro-mouse competitions are so much better, they do those here in the U.S. also. I looked into FIRST because of my 4 year old son. Now that I know what I do about it I will push the school for the competitions.
    Micromouse Online - Everything for Micromouse and Line Follower Robots
    The site for micromouse ond other small robot builders
  • I remember the matrix. Gah those are rc toys not robots. If they want to compete they need some real challenge. I am 100% sure i could beat all those teams by myself. I have built many robots and a rc toy easier.
  • Are students under 18 old enough to remember The Matrix?
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