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  • The article seems to be devoid of any facts. I'm glad to see members of this forum that have actually been to Kenya comment on this drek.
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    Yes and largely it's met its end. But lets not tell the tourists that. I guess you have to ask simple questions of the industry, where does the rubbish and sewerage go.

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    Politics and money, the wildlife is only a means to an end.

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    It's easy to make 96% in Kenya they have had blow all rhino for years. Safari tourism is actually a little bit of an issue. Folks are not putting money into the right projects even if they believe they are. I lived in the Mara for five years its a politics driven spot.

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    Add a pinch of salt...

    96% reduction? That's very optimistic, perhaps it was new moon...

  • Having been to Kenya I am stoked to read this! Safari tourism (like my trip) is vital to the economy there going forward. Plus, you can be shot on site for poaching, so I'm sure these UAVs will have some cool load-outs on them ;-)

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