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Our Mission:

Create an affordable stable platform for filming that was full featured and outperformed similar quads on the market. After months of testing and revising our design we have achieved success. We have created a super light extremely rigid frame that has superb flight time is easy to repair and takes amazingly stable video. Our complete system weighs in right at 3.5kg and includes a 16ah Li-polly battery, a Pixhawk flight controller, Ublox m8n GPS, Bluetooth telemetry radio, 2 axis Alexmos Gimbal, 500Kv brushless 22 pole motors, 30Amp Simon-k ESC’s, and 15” T-style carbon fiber propellers. 3D printing is actually a good fit for a drone air frame. It has a few unique aspects that you can't get with injection molding. 3D printed objects have a good weight to strength ratio this is due to a honeycomb interior structure. 3D printed objects are built 1 layer at a time allowing for complex shapes that would never release from an injection mold. Most quads on the market have a 15 to 20 minute flight time can barely carry a GoPro and can only reach speeds of 20MPH. We find that this is unacceptable. With such short flight times, we were finding that we were missing some of the best action. We set out to extend that time, little did we know how far we could go. We almost tripled that time without losing performance or stability. We were able to get up to 40 minutes of smooth uninterrupted flight time and video. Our quad can also reach speeds up to 40 MPH and carry a much heaver DSLR camera with little to no modification. The best part our system is that it uses readily available off the shelf electronics that can be replaced easily for that inevitable crash.

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Todd Urban

Founder lead developer 



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  • it is 3.5kg with everything with  the new top cover section its 3.57kg the new top weighs 70g more the bare frame weighs 776g 3701986343?profile=original

  • In the case without gimbal or legs, what is the total weight?  Is it 3.5 kg with the gopro and gimbal?

  • The props are 1555 its a straight 14.8v 16000mah lipo with a 20c discharge rate the copter with no gimbal or legs draws between 15 to 18 amps in a loiter, and it loitered for 46min that was of coarse ideal environmental situation fully loaded with gimbal and gopro with no wind in a loiter we get between 30 to 38 min if we drain the batteries to 3.4v per cell we added a little weight with the new enclosure on the top side but it was very minimal and it shouldn't effect flight times much maybe a min or 2 we also are having a 18000mah lipo made we have not done testing on it yet we are still waiting for the sample from the manufacturer we should be able to pull another 10 min at least maybe more its hard to tell though the extra weight is going to push the amp draw up some 

  • Todd, what's the pitch on the propellers?  What's the configuration of your battery?

  • I appreciate the honest feedback we are trying to produce a product that would appeal to current quad owners that are unhappy with the flight times and speed that they are getting from there current quad we want to make it affordable with high quality components that are light strong and easily repairable as far as the design of the frame we made it modular so you can replace broken or worn part rather than the whole frame our frame can be completely disassembled with a Philips screwdriver and one allen wrench We want to build a quad for the community. If its not what the community wants let us know what you do want and we will revise our design. We have worked long and hard to put together a dependable product with readily available parts that has longer flight times is extremely durable and can out fly most quads of its size. I will put out a standing offer to anyone who would like to try our quad they are more than welcome to message me and come to our offices in California and fly it for themselves and see how nice of a product we have actually created.  

  • Todd can speak for himself obviously but I would say the difference is that there is no technology risk. I have one of Todd's frames and I can say that they do what they say -- they are very light and strong. A lot of his time has gone into perfecting that. You will get a light, powerful RTF quad with higher end motor and a Pixhawk, that will fly for at least 30 minutes. There is not so much that can go wrong assuming the equipment specs remain the same for delivered devices. Appearance, is of course, in the eye of the beholder. It is still quite hard to get to 30 minutes plus, but it is not a radical.

  • Your right its not ground braking technology its just an effective use of current technology the diffrence in our quad is flight time and speed that in our mind is a huge plus
  • I don't see any real advances here.  In fact, the frame looks clunky and non-aerodynamic.  With the failures of basically ALL crowdfunded drone projects thus far... what makes yours different?

  • New Center Cover Encloses GPS above the  Pixhawk And Hides All the wires for a much cleaner look we also recessed the arm button 3701983310?profile=original3701983479?profile=original


  • Yea our finished product will have a slightly longer arm on the gimbal and a 120deg lense to keep the props and arms out of the shot there is also a lot less fish eye withe the 120deg lens
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