Kickstarter project for interface board to connect X-Plane to commercial avionics gear

This is more adjacent to the drone space than right in it, but it's similar to what we do with our Hardware-in-the-loop simulator. 

From the Kickstarter project:

The SIM42911 interface will open up a low-cost avenue for the serious simulator builder to connect the Laminar Research X-Plane or Microsoft FSX simulator directly to real surplus flight hardware that uses the ARINC 429 protocol. Real flight hardware is hardware that was removed from actual aircraft such as a Boeing 737, 747 or Airbus and has recently found its way to e-Bay and other online auction places specializing in surplus analog avionics. Or, perhaps your already own a complete surplus simulator and just want to make it work again!

The SIM42911 interface will provide one high or low speed ARINC 429 compatible transmit channel and one receive channel. SIM42911 simply plugs into the same Ethernet port the flight simulator is connected to, and, if used with a Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch, does not require an additional external power supply. 

This real avionics bus provides the capability of tapping into real surplus equipment available on eBay and other places to the consumer and pro-sumer sim-pit builder on a reasonable budget. The interface comes with all the necessary software integration pieces to connect directly to the two most popular consumer flight simulator platforms as well as the ability to program the interface directly in C/C++ via a SDK.  

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