Lady GaGa, first wearable hexacopter




Ok now I have seen it "all"... For some reason I were not stunned to see that it was Lady GaGa who made this first.. But here we are.


On their video it looks a bit badly tuned but it flies. Unfortunately video cannot be embedded to Ning so everyone need to look it by them selfs. 


LADY GAGA has clad herself in everything from meat to Kermit the Frogs, but her latest wardrobe wonder raised more than eyebrows when she wore a flying dress to promote her new album, Artpop.

At a secret New York event Gaga slipped into the battery-powered couture contraption, called Volantis, and hovered about a foot above the ground thanks to the hexi-copter design by Techhaus Studio XO.

The dress claims to be the world's first flying outfit but, before you tear up your bus tickets, Gaga explains it's more symbolic than transport solution.

Original post in here with video:

That's one fancy frame I would say. Maybe we need to start making those at jDrones  ;)

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  • Developer

    Thanks Jack, yeah that works better now. Original newspost had bad embedding code.

    Problem with that type of big hexacopter is that they start always be a bit unstable. Why?? Well it's because of Einstein and his old and well known formula called e=mc2. To make quad/hex/octo or what ever multicopter really steady you need to be able to control thrust that comes down from propellers really accurately and fast. If you spin big propellers, mass of the rotor gets big and speeding it up or slowing it down takes time and a lot of energy.

    This is same reason why EDF's never work well on multicopters as their whole idea is to run as fast as possible and create massive amount of thrust. Controlling that trust again takes too much time so all EDF multicopters fly like they would be "drunk".

    You could make this type big hexa with variable pitch rotors but then again things are getting extremely expensive on this scale and they are also technically challenging. 

    They all fly but question goes how nicely you can make them flying.... I have seen few massive multicopters that flies a bit better than this so there might be even some design issues on this current device. Hard to say as there are no any details of the engine system.

    Fun project for sure..Let's see who is next. :)

  • There was a better video:

    But can't these guys make a more stable system at this stage in the history of hex copters? 

  • 100KM

    Magnificent creativity!

  • Thanks for this Jani, this is awesome!(And very, very loud :-( )

  • Hahahahaha, awesome.

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