Lakemaid Beer Delivery Drone

Lakemaid Beer, a Wisconsin brewery that embodies the north-woods cabin feel and quirk, has gone locally viral and invited the ire of the FAA due to the video above.

The news is running with it, commenting:

A Wisconsin brewery gets slapped by the Federal Aviation Administration after delivering beer to ice fishermen via a method that's currently illegal.


What The Super Bowl Needs Is Beer Drones



What the media seems to be missing is that the beer box underneath this DJI F550 is actually empty.

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  • Gee, I thought I was the only one who realized the box was empty.

    I've been toying with the idea of contact Smoke's Poutinery to do a Poutine-Copter ad up here, but I wonder if this has used it's 15 minutes of fame yet.

  • Damm, I live in South Africa, and I wasn't there ?

  • I'm passionate about beer - is that close enough? :-)
  • Moderator

    If you feel passionate about this subject why not sign the We The People petition to get the FAA to allow beer delivery drones. I would love this beer drone to become the cause célèbre in the USA

  • I know Mrs Miggins - her greenhouse needs something crashed into, frankly. It's awful.
  • Moderator

    He has had valuable consideration because of the free advertising as a result of a flight. It is not normal activity pursuant to his business. But its all fluff and stuff, a very clever marketing stunt that has worked perfectly. I doubt the FAA have even contacted him. The Trappy case result is out soon that will speak more to reckless endangerment which will be interesting for claims. Especially if Mrs Miggins calls the FAA because your quad flew into her greenhouse. 

  • Is he really breaking a law here? What law is accused of violating? He wasn't flying for hire nor did he charge for the beer..

  • Moderator

    Its also not the first time beer delivery has been attempted, and with in major difference in South Africa they actually did deliver a couple of beers at the event the platform was created for.  

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