Landing Gear


After playing cat & mouse with the 3DR landing gear at the online store, I was finally able to the last two pairs before they sold out again. This however, wasn't before a lengthy wait for them to be listed. About a week ago, I headed over to my local hobby shop and grabbed a helicopter landing set for $14.99. I didn't have to do much to get it to fit on the 3DR frame and I have to say, I very much like the result. The copter is about an inch and a half lower but awesome .


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  • Thanks @ Allan I will try that. To Robert & Steve, I did some test flights, endured a couple of hard landings and to my surprise they handle quite well with no bends. They seem more durable than the stock 3DR landing gear so far. 

  • I usually just leave the skids off, because they do bend easy. That or replace them with some fiberglass tubes.

  • As a heli owner, I have to say that you're going to find those skid tubes bend really easy.

  • can i add if you turn the the white frame bits around you will get a bigger footprint and make the skids stronger

    did that sound double dutch :)

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