3689422440?profile=originalHi all, first post after mulling around reading everything on the site and then some.  I have 2 Hobbyking Bixlers (well, 1 bixler, and 1 Sky Surfer from http://readymaderc.com/, they are the same and sold also on other sites).   After reading into it, getting it, flying it a bit, and having it a bit, i decided i really want some landing gear for it.  Unfortunately, even with all the extensive mods available on RCGroups, the only landing gear mod i could find required some manual fabrication, which i don't really like doing :P

Anyhow, after digging i found this



CNC Machined spring metal gear made for the Easy Star (and works on clones just fine!)  Including a steerable tailwheel attached to the rudder so no extra servo required.  Install is quick, and there are a few different sized wheels that they sell directly (or you can use some you get from your local hobby shop, up to 3.5inch wheels will fit, i'm using 3inch currently though may change).  


Here are some pictures:


Above:  Easy Gear and 3inch wheels installed on Sky Surfer v1 (aka Bixler).  Extra set of EasyGear still in package.  and of course the APM :P
3689422520?profile=originalAbove:  Easy Gear in packaging.  Comes with install instructions, but there's also an install video on the airscaperc website.  (Jon, the proprietor of AirscapeRC, was kind enough to send me a spare set of easy gear after some shipping confusion, excellent customer service.)


Above: Top part of tail gear attached to rudder. (Note:  I made a small groove in the rudder for the wire to sit in as its not designed exactly for the Bixler).

3689422608?profile=originalAbove:  Out of focus image of Tail wheel (sorry, couldnt see it was out of focus on my iPhone). My alternate FPV canopy as well :P


Some notes on installation on the Bixler:  Follow instructions sheet and/or video for the most part, with some slight differences.  Firstly, try to mount main gear directly under CG (60mm from LE of wing).  As the instructions state, there are 2 notches in the center of the gear to line up with the antenna channel.  Second, you may want to carve a little bit of foam, though not necessary, on the inside of the fuselage in order to have the backing plate sit flat (I didn't, i just glued it to the edges where it sat, and its fine).   Also on the tail gear bracket, don't follow the measurements in the instructions, they are different, the bracket will stick out further than on an EasyStar so eyeball the hole to line it up with the elevator hinge.  And finally the rudder is slightly different too so as i did, you may want to cut a small grove in it to accommodate the landing gear wire.   You may also want to order some of the larger-thicker tires as they come with a protective skid that mounts to the landing gear bracket to protect the wire assembly when taxiing on rough terrain.  Finally, use a straight edge to align the tail wheel to the rudder (again as its not designed exactly for this model).  First time after install i neglected to do this, had to compensate with rudder to go straight for takeoff, and immediately rolled/crashed when it got up due to rudder-left :P


Hope you guys like these, i don't make them i just found them, but Jon at AirscapeRC is a real nice guy, they make a nice product, and i don't mind throwing some business his way :P  I'm sure a lot of us on this forum also use the bixler so this is a nice addition.  Also to note, a few people i've seen on youtube also use this (though i think slightly modified, i'm not sure) on the Sky Walker airframe, and i'm sure it can be used on other moderately sized belly-landers as well without too much trouble.

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  • Do you know of anywhere to get this kit? I went to the website and it said it would be until November. Unfortunately, I need landing gear on my plane ASAP.

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