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Large Aerial UAV Swarms

More goodness from the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems at EPFL in Switzerland: 10 Zagi-style UAVs autonomous flocking at the same time. From the write-up:

3689369676?profile=original"Swarm Algorithms
Designing swarm controllers is typically challenging because no obvious relationship exists between the individual robot behaviors and the emergent behavior of the entire swarm. For this reason, we turn to biology for inspiration.

In a first approach, artificial evolution is used for its potential to automatically discover simple and unthought-of robot controllers. Good evolved controllers are then reverse-engineered so as to capture the simple and efficient solutions found through evolution in hand-designed controllers that are easy to understand and can be modeled. Resulting controllers can therefore be adapted to a variety of scenarios in a predictable manner. Furthermore, they can be extended to accommodate entirely new applications. Reverse-engineered controllers demonstrate a variety of behaviors such as exploration, synchronization, area coverage and communication relay.

In a second approach, inspiration is taken from ants that can optimally deploy to search for and maintain pheromone paths leading to food sources in nature. This is analogous to the deployment and maintenance of communication pathways between rescuers using the SMAVNET."

(Thanks to Sabine Hauert for the tip)

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  • T3
    I EU it is not working like that. In research we are investing int the past generation. There is a hidden plan in that, ppl who were succesful 20yrs ago are supposed to continue to deliver their best, beyond who the new generation could do. The money hitting the old vs young research teams are imbalanced by a factor of 10000:1 or so.
  • people in my area get grants for product development all the time i know a 13 yr old who got 1 over 65k for development. under his parents guidence of course..then there is always the mcallister. a good friend of mine got one for scaling down a motherboard to a crey server . he now works with the D.O.D..in DC
  • Moderator
    Hey some of us are closer to 50 than 30 where is my wine.
  • T3
    You cannot get such a grant unless you are so old that when it starts to spin you hit the age of 50.
    Otherwise such a grant would imbalance the actual social system giving too much of an advantage to the researcher compared to a local organisation of wine makers.
  • if that was possible from getting a grant i would have used most of it to take care at home and hand built my drones... yikes..he must have deep pockets.. anybody know where to pick up one of those grants??
  • T3
    My guess:
    30% R&D payoff (ongoing all the time, big companies have this around 5-8%)
    20% database, documentation, regression testing (big companies have this at 50%)
    10% assembly and flight test
    10-15% fixed payments and tooling
    10-20% income
    10% spare parts/surplus/storage for mfg continuity
    30% Taxes (big companies in EU have refunding here)
    And those are STEADY STATE expenses.

    if you add to this platform development, you could easily double the total.
  • @Chris

    If I had to guess:
    $1000 for parts
    $1000 for putting them together
    $1000 to recoup R&D
    $1000 pure retail profit
    $5000 justify's the risk of selling a product that can get you sued?

    I mean realistically: the market price is as much as you can charge that the customer will still pay. So long as these vendors have something unique to offer: they can name their own price.
  • My mistake. In a previous post about this sensefly company. They said each one cost 9k.
  • @Taylor, whats up with the attitude i wasnt questioning you it was disbelief at that price you said, its just a lot of cash i wud have expected it to be half that at most.... i was responding to when you said "@Gerry...9k US" shesh
  • @Chris...what are you talking about? I am asking about the airframe itself...I'm not wanting to by sensefly..i just want to buy the airframe they are using...why don't you stop running your mouth.
This reply was deleted.