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Laser cut your own ArduCopter replacement parts

3689390184?profile=originalI keep breaking my ArduCopter arches, so rather than order replacements, I just laser cut my own through Ponoko. I've uploaded the design, so you can do it too.  Select 3mm clear acrylic, P1 size. It should cost $8.20 plus shipping for the four arches shown above. Note that these are laser cut, not CNC milled, so they don't have the notch on the side that fits snugly on the arms. But they work fine all the same.


Thanks to Sandro Benigno, you can also order a set of five replacement dome rings, as shown here:

3689390236?profile=originalAll the other parts are in the ArduCopter repository, but need to be converted to SVG format to laser cut. If you see something you'd like to make, let me know and I'll convert and upload it to Ponoko. Most can be laser cut as easily as CNC milled, but in some cases you might need to do a little finishing work, like counter-sinking some holes. No biggie...




I've added the Main Square:



And the Legs:



And the carrier board:




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  • Could you help m with that, please Chris?

    I've tried downloading the .dxf files from the repository, but no CAD software can read them.

    How do I download them using Turtle?



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    Aaron, what are you talking about?? I linked to the repository with the cad files in the post above.
  • So, I have CAD'ded some Arducopter clone motor mounts. Should be finished tomorrow (in aluminum) and I'll upload cad files on Sunday. Pretty soon we will have a full set of community CAD files with which to make DIY replacement ArduCopter parts.

    Fun working on this stuff, although I think it's still very strange that the ArduCopter folks have not yet released cad files. This is supposed to be an open hardware project, correct? Then why did Jani have the cad files removed without replacing them?

  • @ Taylor.

    If I work out how to download the dxf files in a usable format, I'll make the .stl files for you.


  • Does anyone have an image of the carrier plate? Or dimensions for it?
  • If you're unhappy with the strength of the acrylic pieces, I'd suggest having some polycarbonate ones waterjet cut. Even better, though a little heavier, would be an aircraft aluminum like 6061 alloy.
  • Ddo you read the dxf files with svn?


  • @Chris. I'd have no idea how to do it either lol. Just a thought.
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    Taylor: I'm not sure how to to convert from dxf to stl. Do you?

    We're just working with 2D files here for the laser cutting...
  • I just assembled my rep rap 3d printer, would it be possible to post or make .stl files so the parts could be printed at home as well?
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