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Last week to drop an egg!

3689367267?profile=originalThe current T3 competition (egg drop round) closes next Sunday, and so far we've only got one successful entry! (Mark Griffith, whose admirable splat is at right) I know several of you have tried runs without success so far, but this is your reminder to give it one more go this week.

Jason Short has made it easy for ArduPilot users. In the Events tab of 2.7, there is an example of egg-drop code that even has an equation to calculate the proper distance from the target. It assumes you've added Channel 4 control to your ArduPilot. Just set a waypoint for your egg (it's waypoint 3 in the sample code below), hook Channel 4 to a servo that releases the egg, and start dropping!

"void mediumLoop_event(void)
float temp = (float)(current_loc.alt - home.alt) * .01;
egg_dist = sqrt(temp / 4.903) * (float)ground_speed *.01;

if(wp_index == 3){
wp_radius = 10;
if(wp_distance < egg_dist){
wp_radius = 20;
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