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Just a FYI: we're doing an average of 15,000 page view a day here, with around 4,000 unique visitors/day. Total membership will hit 6,000 in the next week. The site's traffic has more than doubled over the past year!
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  • Congrats Mr. Anderson !
    It is happening because of the icredible work by various membders who are contributing to the DIY community from all around the world.
    You should thank all those who are making your site popular !
  • Good to hear that, Congrats, I am one of them but not so new visitor, I have been lurking in shadows for few months/year now and reading every blog starting 2007. Keep up the good work is all I can say for now and soon I will join the DIY community in practical way, i am just waiting for your mega to come out with IMU ( i don't think IR stabilization is serious stuff, my appologies, i know you and others have done/put lots of your valuable time in its development but we all know its limitation) thanks for sharing your valuable knowlage , it has been great learning path so far and I will continue to walk on it as far as it goes. If at all I want to say any thing, it will be hybrid stabilization, meaning both inputs from IR and IMU selectable via code/ground station inputs etc. If you want my wish list( there r more but... for now) that on top of above said , it is to add ultra sound sensor to gauge height on final approach for landing performance/flare on touch down etc, low level flying below 10 mts /mav ,there is lot to do, i know, thanks does not pay the bill too, thanks once again.
    kind regards
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