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In this talk from DroneCon 2014, Jaime Machuca details a comparison of conventional survey methods vs. UAV-based survey in an urban setting. From his abstract:

“Traditionally a survey of an area has been done by using high precision GPS and by intelligently selecting points in order to recreate the terrain. Today, drones can produce similar results in a much shorter time and in more remote areas than traditional techniques. But how does one compare to the other? What are the challenges faced by drones? And what are the advantages over traditional methods? This talk will present the results of a survey done by traditional techniques, a UAV fitted with a high resolution sensor, and a UAV fitted with a low cost sensor.”

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  • Jer....Link to your solution?
  • FYI you guys!

    How about a UAV/software solution that will deliver the following!

    1. Minimum of 2 photos needed, 3 is ideal

    2. Only 3 GCP needed per photo

    3. 2cm accuaracy

    Would never really need more than 12-15 shots and processing time is very quick

    From "in the field to final results" average 5-8 hours

    I have this solution!

  • 3D Robotics

    Hey Jamie - we’re on it. We’re making the change and will repost this evening.

  • Hi Roger, my name is not quite correct, could you correct the post? It should be Jaime Machuca. :) Thanks.

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