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Hackaday has the latest on the cool extreme lifting designs for the HobbyKing competition:

If you have a quadcopter and are looking for a beer delivery device, HobbyKing isputting on a beerlift competition The rules for the HobbyKing beer lift are pretty simple: lift the most beer with a quad/hex/octo copter and win a HobbyKing gift card.

There are 3 classes: Unlimited, which means a vehicle of any size goes, a 700 class for copters with a motor-to-motor diameter of 700 mm or less, and a Disaster class for the coolest crash.

So far the largest lift is a monsterous 2 meter octocopter by [Muresan Alexandru Camil] capable of lifting just over 47kg. In the 700 class, a bizarre looking 9-rotor copter built by the Whac-A-Mole flying team was able to lift 28kg.

The disaster category, a smaller quad built by [Gabriel Devault] was barely able to lift four cans of Coors Light water, while the current disaster class leader made a few valiant efforts to lift a keg. Protip: if you’re doing a blooper reel, Yakety Sax is definitely the way to go.

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  • Maxime, that's a good point. Reliability is a big factor and until that's solved not many would risk their lives. The winner multi-copter of this contest above could lift a small adult (47kg/103lbs) in the air. Wonder, how long battery would last.

    I think it's possible that within a few years we may see a one-man multi-copter kit available. 

  • Hmm, which flight controller can I trust with my life? How much did the spend on parts for that copter? My guess is $1500.
  • 2 of these thing may easily lift one person, you realize.
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