Latest Vtail 8 build - full house


Shes all done, dont those microdan 2510's look purty

full house this puppy, ardupilot, magnetometer, gps, sonar and 900mhz telemetry, plus red and white LEDs

just worked it out, she has about 2.8kw of power on tap !

Running 2.047 with a custom mix (5 channel for 8 motors)

 Alt hold on barro is OK
Alt hold on sonar is "jumpy"
Loiter is OK,does circle every so often, then regains composure

all up (with camera DSLR) is abut 5kg, and runs 4S 12000 lipos (6000mah per bank) esc's are turnigy 30 amps, and a sbec to run everything

Motors are 2510 microdans 970 kv spinning 10 by 3.8 apc's

VERY responsive, had to drop the gains down by 30% over the RCtimer 750's i normally use, the 25mm diameter stator makes these a tourque monster, 14 magnet DLRK wound

LEDs feed on a seprate 3S lipo

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  • only one ? i have lots of microdan flavours - guessing you run a 2345 kv ? bent 1 shaft in 2 years of super hard flying


    Ardu has come along way,impressed with how everything came together,sonar/mag/gps and telemetry all  worked out of the box

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    Microdans rock, I have one on a wing

  • @ gary - thanks for that, and yes great win, just france stands in our way......

    @ eduardo -  simple maths and 4S lipos , a standard RCtimer on motor on 4S and a 10 by 4.5 prop is good for 1300 grams thrust, multiplied by 8 is 10.4 kg thrust. these microdans are special, large diameter stator and better cooling than an average motor allows them to work well beyond their size (I have a 2510 microdan 2100 kv motor that sits at 700 watts in a flying wing, and a 38 gram one that handles 350 watts)


    @mike - thanks :)


    @UT - nice way to post a link to your shop :)

  • What about autonomy / efficiency ? 5kg with this small 54gr motor .... hmmm

    my octo with similar motor have a poor efficiency.


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    ok, so it is just another example of what I like in your build, a little detail that does not speak for all the things I like... but I never considered using an i2c connector-to-pins adaptor like you have for the magnetometer. I think I am gong to adopt that going forward for all my compasses. I always use an i2c splitter, because I am doing other things with the i2c bus, but by soldering the cable directly to the board, I have a fixed i2c cable length, and cannot swap magnetometers between all aircraft. Thanks for the photo!!

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    You are the man Matt another cracking build. Right result today as well. I suspect you may be having a beer.

  • thats some very heavy one with tiny motors !

    do you have a link for motors specs ?

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    That a nice custom Arducopter build!, Looking forward to seeing some videos of it in the air!

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