Launch Party!


For those of you in the Fort Collins area, we will be having a Launch party on Dec 2nd at the Shop.  We go live with our Kickstarter the morning of Dec 1st so figured we would have a small party to celebrate.

More info and RSVP here please.



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  • We have posted the initial STL files (more formats/docs to follow) to our new GitHub Repo


    We are live on Kickstarter!

    Open Source Modular Robotics Framework. Contribute to rocketshipsystems/BoxBotix development by creating an account on GitHub.
  • Just updated our About page and we are working on adding more details for the initial BBot variants.  The big thing we are (re)learning from this process is how easy it is to forget that not everyone knows what the hell you are talking about.

    BoxBotix is an open source, modular robotics platform that is easy to hack, make, use and sustain.

    Our mission is to provide open source robotics designs, kits and education to a global online community.

    Our vision is the formation of a global network of artisans who specialize in the design, manufacture and support of robots at the local level.

    It will need tweaking as we go (good luck trying to find two "experts" who agree on vision vs mission), but it's a start.  And it's worth noting that I l love the Maker Movement, and hope BoxBotix will fit in well there, but when I say artisan above, I mean it in the old school way - local business owner who specializes in his/her craft as a profession. 

    All the political economics theory aside, we need to be clearer on our site.  Working on it.


  • Tom,

    BoxBotix will be sold as frame kits.  There will be Bring Your Own Printer and Full Frame Kits where we supply the ABS printed parts.  We will not provide any of the electronics, but we will help with picking them out.    

    We have no/little ability to provide value by selling thousands of complete systems.  We leave that to others.   BoxBotix is really about giving you the freedom to pick and choose who and how you want to finish a robot; with as little, or as much, customization as you need/want.



  • Developer
    What autopilot do these use? Or is it BYOAP?
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