Learning the ArduPilot codebase

3689627919?profile=originalI've put together a wiki page on learning the ArduPilot code base. Perhaps you are a ArduPilot user who is looking for something to occupy them while recovering from too much turkey this weekend? Try some of the exercises on this wiki page as a sure fire cure for the effects of overindulging:
Best wishes for a great weekend from the ArduPilot team
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  • This is just awesome! Thank you! 

  • I'm looking to get involved in developing the code and really figuring out what is going on "underneath the hood". further down the line I would like to somehow incorporate this knowledge into my senior design project. I've downloaded the code and have been poking around the tutorial, but I have very limited coding experience (SQL and Javascript) and simply don't understand most of the jargon. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to learn more of the fundamentals? 

  • This is a great resource.  As someone who's had to make custom modifications to the ArduPilot code for a few projects, it will be awesome to have some more formal detailed documentation.  Look forward to updates. Thanks!

  • I can not put into words how grateful I am for this! Just the motivation I needed to get started!! :-)

  • Developer

    I've started adding a few more topics to the pages, and I've also added a list of topics I plan to cover as I get time. So if you've been through the pages once then it will be worth re-visiting occasionally to get new info:

  • Great resource and help!!

  • Thanks Andrew
  • Developer

    @Cliff-E, for the moment our strategy for inter-board comms is MAVLink, with MAVLink to ROS gateway available

    The ORB is for internal comms, and provides a nice interface so dependencies don't get too tangled

  • Like the px4orb description. Definitely the right direction for networking data from multiple Pixhawks and remote sensors. May want to check out Orocos (maybe heavyweight, but corba compliant) since a lot of folks are trying to use ROS with APM/Pixhawk. We've used it (orocos, not ROS) with good success here in production applications.

  • Great stuff.  What I'd really like to see though is a block diagram illustrating the flow of information through the system.

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