Lesson's Learnt


° Don't leave your model in a car in the middle of summer if your principle construction method is hot glue

° 3D LOCK DOESN'T MEAN JACK - you absolutely need telemetry so that you can track your GPS location and wait for it to settle down. Since the crash I have seen the 3D lock jump 30m and back within a few seconds. Almost surely this was the reason for my model rocketing off (I got a 3D lock after 20s or so in a completely new location).


° There are HD cameras and then there are cheap HD cameras. Cheap HD cameras are not HD, no matter what the video resolution output is. HK HD WingCam I'm talking about you. $40 wasted on you when the 480p keychain for $7 makes better video.


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  • That module also has the LEA-6M, so theoretically should be the same.

  • oh whoa, that sounds great. I put it down to the wind, but now I'm getting suspicious. I believe that the Ublox is fine and it should have that sort of resolution, so perhaps I have another problem, maybe interference.

    Is this the one you bought?


    Aran (Aussie in Switzerland)

  • Radius of 4 meters?! That sounds like A LOT!

    With my Mediatek, I could never get my octo to Loiter right, it would just be confused, flying back and forth, toiletbowling, overshooting and just going nuts. Also in RTL it would be going all over the place. Never could figure it out. Once or twice though, it would do it pretty good, and I was happy, only to be sad the next time I tried it.

    Now with the RCTimes (Which is also a Ublox), it stays within 20cm, with the wrong /unconfigured PIDs, in hard wind! Also RTL seems to work great. Havent had a chance to test Auto yet. 

    3DR today replied to my questions saying "sorry to hear that, unfortunately there is only a 90 day warranty on the GPS". Ha! 

    Anyway, at $26 inc free shipping, I suggest you try a Rctimer GPS, just for fun.

    A friend of mine also has it for his Bumblebee with APM2.5, it loiters well and stays within 20cm.


    Magnus, Sweden

  • Hi Magnus, I have the UBLOX LEA-6M.

    I must say though, I was suspicious when I got a lock in a completely new location within a few minutes. If my mates hadn't have egged me on, I wouldn't have set her free like I did. Shame I didn't get the crash on video.
    Otherwise, I have had good success with the same module on loiter with a loiter radius of about 4m. Sometimes it wandered off though, which seems a bit suspicious to me, but I haven't tried other modules so I couldn't say if that is expected from this price range of gear.
  • Which GPS are you using? I have the MediaTek 3329 v2.0, which I just found out is useless. Drifts a 100meters while flying or 20 m while on the ground/walking.

    I just got the cheap $26 GPS from rctimer.com, I have only tried it twice, but it worked like a dream. Perfect Loiter and RTL, from having to run for your life when the Octo wants to hit you as it's on its way somehere...

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  • Andrew, Yes that's the GPS 3D lock position. You don't get a plus with this ublox software unless there is a 3d lock. However the algorithm is clearly able to converge on a wild range of solutions until the 'learnt position' kicks in.

    I'm talking about the 720 HD WingCam. The sensor on that is 480p and they extrapolate the video up to 720p which produces a rubbish video. I spent hours trying to get it into focus until I read the report on the camera from RCModelReviews


    Probably the 1080p version of the camera is better. I guess they couldn't get away with extrapolating that far! 

  • Aran, do the position plots you have on the map there represent GPS position measurements whilst stationary?  That's not completely clear from your rant. ;)

    Also, I have seen the HK WingCam II from a friend in action and I am pretty impressed with the results.  Here's some footage that he shot, albeit not uploaded at 1080p


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