Got around to listening to it out of curiosity.

It's not necessarily quad copter, but tractor based. Did not know Calif*'s mane crop was lettuce or that it produced any vegetables at all, since there hasn't been any rain since 2012. Though quad copters harvesting lettuce is a highly dubious proposition, there's certainly money to be made from tractors.

That guy was rich. Listening to him complain about the lack of PhD's to design computer vision algorithms, you thought just stop being a dick & hire people who know how to design computer vision algorithms instead of insisting they have a PhD from Berkeley. Most of the discovering, inventing, engineering, living & dying in this town is done by makers & hackers working in garages. Yet another overstuffed taco salad supported by the federal reserve.

Your other thought was agriculture might actually become a big business as our generation believed 20 years ago. Unlike what we believed, the money is not going to biologists who study genetics, but to designers of robots & businessmen.

There are no jobs for biology majors who learned about robotics on their own, only for engineers who learned about biology on their own or businessmen who can track down farmers with bucks.

It's probably a supply & demand issue. Few people can pull off the engineering side & business side while everyone can do the biology part.

A huge aversion has emerged to the genetic engineering we thought would comprise most of the expansion in food supply. A lot of that is lack of knowledge about genetic engineering & movies, but whatever. For now, you can't use genetic engineering to feed Africa. That leaves using automation to expand the biological system we already have.

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Comment by Gary Mortimer on January 4, 2014 at 6:17am

One of the best headlines I have ever seen on here.

Comment by Carl La France on January 4, 2014 at 11:17pm

Wow! that's a lot of lettuce. Around here because of the weather if not in a green house we grow lettuce in an abandoned mine in Sudbury so it can be harvested year round more of an experiment ,and we have robotic earth movers harvesting salt deep under ground at Goderich.

Jacks second paragraph makes the most sense"Most of the discovering,inventing,engineering,living& dying in this town is done by makers & hackers working in garages."

Comment by Hugues on January 5, 2014 at 5:20am

I guess this project makes no sense without a complementary algorithm to optimize the making of a "Vinaigrette" :)

We need some chemists, you see.


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